Are You Ready for The Digital Gulag?

Are You Ready for The Digital Gulag?

By Sir Loin | The Crypto Shenanigans | 13 Aug 2021

Everyone has long been talking about WEB 3.0 and truly private chats and mail. And there are many projects, but they have not gained such popularity as centralized services. Governments want to control all our property, all our money, our privacy, and our travel history. And so far they have succeeded.

But it’s still difficult to control our cryptocurrencies right now. Although the bitcoin blockchain is completely open, the state cannot confiscate bitcoin. And by using certain rules, there is a possibility you can avoid identifying your wallets on the network. For the most confidential payments, you can use completely anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero.

For example, you need to transfer money to someone and you used the XMR wallet for this. But the question is, how do you transfer funds to someone without knowing the recipient's address? He should send it to you by e-mail or messenger. Like Whatsapp or Viber. And that’s where you get identified and at the same time your wallet number, as well as the amount, and the recipient's wallet number. After all, all this will be in your correspondence.

The end of digital privacy is already a reality. The EU has decided to allow providers to automatically search for suspicious content in all private chats, messages, and emails - generally and indiscriminately. The purpose stated: To prosecute child pornography. The result: Mass surveillance with fully automated real-time messaging and chat monitoring systems, which means the end of digital privacy. Most of the members of the European Parliament adopted the Сhatcontrol regulation on July 6, 2021.

But this is not the end of the story: in the fall of 2021, the European Commission announced that it will pass the next law, which will make the use of chat control mandatory for all email and messenger providers. This legislation will also affect secure end-to-end encrypted communications.

What does this threaten other than the complete identification of your crypto wallets?

All your chat conversations and emails will automatically search for suspicious content. What kind of content will be considered suspicious is not reported. No court order or statement is required to search for your posts. This happens always and automatically.

If the algorithm classifies the content of the message as suspicious, your personal or intimate photos will be searched by employees and contractors of international corporations and police agencies.

Intelligence agencies and hackers can spy on your private chats and emails. The door will be open to anyone with the technical means to read your messages, as secure encryption will now be outlawed.

Wonder if this will make people look towards secure decentralized messengers and social networks?


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