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York University invites other schools to watch an intense basketball game!.

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York University is a university located in North York, Ontario, Canada. With an intense rivalry between York and the other university teams, the atmosphere for this basketball game is sure to be electric and filled with energy and excitement. Fans of both teams are sure to be in for a treat as the teams battle it out for bragging rights.


Wilfrid Laurier University, also known as the Laurier Golden Hawks, challenged the York University Lions on January 20, 2023. Both teams were determined to leave the court victorious, and tensions were high as the game began. Before the game began, the staff gave out to every audience member a little bag that contained some stuff like a balloon stick and a multipurpose eating utensil.


During the wait for the game to start, music was playing, mostly remixed songs like "I'm Blue" (or "I'm good (Blue)") and "Never Gonna Give You Up." There were also training sessions for both teams, which included practising the basketball game by scoring some free throws on themselves so that they could use them later in the game. 


The ladies introduce themselves in an enthralling manner. The crowd roared in excitement as the players entered, ready to put on a show. The lights were turned off, and spotlights were turned on, pointing at each player who walked in and giving a cool handshake onto the court for the basketball game as if they were walking down a red carpet. Every player was filled with a determination to come out on top, and the energy of the crowd added an extra layer of intensity to the game. 


Once the game began, the York University team caught the ball first, but the ball quickly left the court. It was going around intensively as the game was evenly scored. After an intense game, it was almost halftime. 35 seconds before the period ended, the game was a tie, 39 - 39. Then the York University team scored two points, and it is now down to 11 seconds. The Golden Hawk managed to score three points at the last second, literally! And now it is 42 - 41, an impressive game-changing result.


Afterward, the game continues to play, and it comes to an end, and now the final score for the women's game is 81 - 83, making the York University team the winner of the women's basketball game! 


After the women's game was finished, lunch came, and the cameraperson went to the Tim Hortons within the facility of the school and bought themselves a sandwich, a lemonade drink, and a vanilla dip with coloured sprinkles doughnut. The cameraperson somehow managed to fit all three items into their pocket and just walked back to the court as the men's game was about to start. With the exception of the doughnut being a little flattened, the cameraperson easily extracted all of their food flawlessly. They quickly ate it and resumed recording. A paid professional cameraman was seen filming the entire game without interruption from the highest point on the stage. So our cameraperson decided to ask the paid professional if they could go up with them and record there with their excellent recording skills. The cameraperson was surprised to hear that the paid professional cameraman allowed the cameraperson to record alongside the paid professional cameraman. They both talk briefly before returning to their recordings. As the game progressed, the cameraperson was able to record some stunning shots from the high vantage point, giving an eagle's eye view of all that was happening on the court.


During the recording of the game, the game was going a bit rough and aggressive for the men's game. They were breaking ankles (slang) and being aggressive the entire time. This was quite different from the way the women's game was being played because the women were taking much more finesse, utilising passes and smart plays to get ahead. Whereas for the men, they were making sharp moves and passes but sacrificing the accuracy of passing, catching, and scoring. This gave the viewers a unique look at the difference between the men's and women's games. The difference in style between the men's and women's games was especially noticeable.


The final score of the men's basketball game is 73–50, and the result of the game caused some debate among viewers, as the men's team had put forth a hard-fought effort. However, it was ultimately the women who won out in the end. Most people stereotype that men play way better than women do, ultimately proving that this was not the case and that women could be just as competitive, if not more so, than men.


Overall, watching a basketball game that highlighted the differences in playing styles between genders was a fun and enjoyable experience. Watching the men's and women's games showed the skill of the players, but it also revealed how gender affects a person's playing style. While the men's game was characterised by more aggressive moves and a faster pace, the women's game was more methodical and precise. Our cameraperson also captured some good quality videos and images of the game.


The essence of the game was that men and women played different styles of basketball, with men's games typically being more aggressive, fast-paced, and physical, while women's games tended to be more methodical and precise. This difference could be attributed to both physical and cultural factors because most males are usually more rough and have an idol from the NBA (National Basketball Association) or something related to that. while the females are more closely bonded and great at working together as a team, which reflects the quote "Teamwork makes the dream work" (by John C. Maxwell). Consequently, our camera person captured moments that highlighted these differences between the two games, allowing us to understand how both men and women approach the game of basketball differently.


So our final thoughts on the differences between the two styles of basketball are that men and women have vastly different approaches to the game, which can be attributed to physical, cultural, and social factors. The game experience was really amazing and fun! We were able to observe that men play a more competitive, physical style of basketball than women, who are better at working together as a team. However, this may not be the case in all cases; sometimes it's the other way around. As an example, the men play by working together as a team, and the women play more competitively, so it's possible depending on the different people. As each individual brings a unique set of skills to the game, it is clear that both men and women can be equally adept at playing either an individual or team style of basketball. We recommend taking the time to assess individual players and build teams that play to their strengths, regardless of gender, and you should also have the freedom to experiment and switch up styles depending on the situation.


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