[12 HOURS LEFT] 30,000 USD worth of CRO to be given away!
CRO Prizes

[12 HOURS LEFT] 30,000 USD worth of CRO to be given away!

By scythenoz | Singapore Crypto FI | 2 Aug 2020

30,000 USDT worth of Crypto.com (CRO) will be given away as part of two activities as part of CRO listing on BitMax.io. These activities ends on August 2nd, 10:00 a.m. EDT so that means there are about 12 hours from now at the time of writing.

Participate in either of the Event below and be sure to sign up using the registration links to claim your rewards!

Complete either of the following tasks to earn CRO!

Event One: Take Action to Share 15,000 USDT in CRO Tokens

The event will run from July 28th, 10:00 a.m. EDT to August 2nd, 10:00 a.m. EDT.


Task List

Task 1

Net Deposit (Deposit - Withdrawal) ≧ 1,000 CRO

Sign up for a BitMax.io account here


Task 2

Download Crypto.com App and Register

Click to download 

Submit Your Registration Email Address

Click to submit 


Task 3

Apply for an MCO Visa Card on Crypto.com App

Click to view guide

Click to get US$ 50 when you stake 50 or more $MCO.



1. For verified users who complete Task 1 & 2, they will equally share token rewards worth 5,000 USDT (est. 35,038 CRO).

2. For verified users who complete all tasks, they will equally share token rewards worth 10,000 USDT (est. 70,077 CRO).

I have also gotten confirmation on BitMax.io Telegram Community that existing MCO Cardholders can automatically participate in Task 2 and 3. However, you will still need to complete Task 1 by depositing 1,000 CRO into your BitMax.io account to share the 15,000 worth of rewards


Event Two: Referral Trading Contest – to Share 15,000 USDT in CRO Tokens

The event will run from July 30th, 10:00 a.m. EDT to August 4th, 10:00 a.m. EDT.

During the event, participants with Total Trading Volume ≧ 13,000 CRO will be eligible to receive a proportional share of token rewards worth 15,000 USDT (est. 101,612 CRO).

All you will need to do is simply trade upwards of 13,000 CRO - which can be done simply by buying 6,500 CRO and selling it back to the market.


For full terms and conditions, please review the article here.


Signup for Bitmax.io account: https://bitmax.io/#/register?inviteCode=XRDGFCRL

Signup for Crypto.com account and get US$ 50: https://platinum.crypto.com/r/7fpp30dh8x


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Singapore Crypto FI
Singapore Crypto FI

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