Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 8-03
"We'll Have Nun of That *EVIDENCE* Here, Sinner!"

Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 8-03

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 30 May 2021

No, I did not forget about the Tweet, You Sinners! project. A combination of technical issues, real-life complications, and a depressive phase made focusing on theist trolls ill-advised.

Well, let me assure you that they did not rest while I was offline, so it's time for me to roll up my sleeves and get back to work.

Here's a batch of twenty terrible theistic takes.

Fig. 1: Logan Snikt-ed for Your Sins, Bub.

Fig. 2: Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Word Definitions, Right?

Fig. 3: "Pointing out My Flaws is Not Meaningful!"

Fig. 4: #IgnoranceForIehovah

Fig. 5: Because Saying, "That's Not What That Word Means" is CHASING CLOUT.

Fig. 6: #NeenerNeenerNeenerForJesus

Fig. 7: Holy H-Cups, #SexyKali!

Fig. 8: Whataboutism Rounds up to Bearing False Witness.

Fig., 9: 2,000 < 25. IT'S IN THE BIBLE!

Fig. 10: Putting the "Yikes!" in "yahweh."

Fig. 11: "Atheists Can't Solve the Problem of us Theists Insulting Them!"

Fig. 12: #CircularReasoningForChrist

Fig. 13: Running from Your Own Words is a Form of Bearing False Witness.

Fig. 14: "If You Don't Like My Bullshit, Then I Win!"

Fig. 15: Render unto Caesar That Which is Caesar's.

Fig. 16: Funny How, after Nearly 2,000 Years, Proving god is STILL Ruled out as an Option.

Fig. 17: The Difference between Smite and Wrong.

Fig. 18: "Partake of This Cheese and Anvil, for it is my Punchline."

Fig. 19: 100,000,000 = 6,000. IT'S IN THE BIBLE!

Fig. 20: Because Perfection Requires Replacement Parts.

And that brings us to 2020-11-11.

If all goes well, I'll start weekly vlog digests, "highlighting" the ten worst theistic takes from a week's worth of Tweet, You Sinners! digests. I'm still leaning towards Sermons from Vermin as a working title.

And when my next SSDI payment hits, I'll hire Three Gen Media to proofread volume 1. And either later in June or sometime in July, I will aggressively seek out artists to provide chapter art and a book cover. If all goes well, I could release the e-book as early as late September.

Nonexistent gods help me if I miss my self-imposed deadline.

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