Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 7-10
I'll Have Nun of that Misbehavior.

Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 7-10

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 20 May 2021

I have an idea... call it a spin-off, if you will... pertaining to the Tweet, You Sinners! project and a joke tweet I recently made.

I'll tell you more about it after the traditional batch of biblical blather.

Fig. 1: #WPshit Tells a Whale of a Tale.

Fig. 2: #GrossnessForTheGospel

Fig. 3: DD, the Random Adjective Generator.

Fig. 4: Causing the Overhead of DD's Shit.

Fig. 5: Choose Your Own Counter.

Fig. 6: Yet Another Shitty Talking Point.

Fig. 7: Should I Have Fliped Him the Bird?

Fig. 8: I'd Draw Him a Picture, But I Prefer My Head to Remain Attached.

Fig. 9: "The Religion People" Are the Worst "The Village People" Cover Band Ever.

Fig. 10: Extra-Salty Word Salad.

Fig. 11: Don't Let the Dohvahkin Join Your Choir. Trust Me on This One.

Fig. 12: The father, the son, and the Homer Spirit.

Fig. 13: CJ's Off-The-Duff Word Salad.

Fig. 14: "He's Not a Homophome! He's an Asshole!" is not the Ukemi That Bob Thinks it is.

Fig. 15: #BearingFalseWitnessForJesus

Fig. 16: #DerpFulfer

Fig. 17: #CherryPickingForChrist

Fig. 18: "The Lord Shall Protect Me*."
*Offer Void against Nazis.

Fig. 19: A Whiner is BJ!

Fig. 20: A Fallacy with Poor Optics.

And that brings us to 2020-10-27. Making daily posts does help bring the backlog under control.

Now... as for the side-project that I teased at the top of this post...

Remakes, revivals, and rewrites are commonplace; depending on your thoughts on the new testament, they're as old as the bible itself.

So here's the joke tweet that got me thinking:

(Yoshio Sawai created the manga Bobobo.)

This got me to thinking how the bible would be different if a modern or contemporary author were to rewrite it.

The working title for this side-project is The Redo Testament. Here are some potential ideas:

  • How would the bible be different if popular mangaka or directors such as Rumiko Takahashi ("ADAM NO BAKA!!!"), Eichiro Oda ("I'm going to be the Heavens King!"), or Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe ("I AM THE AFRO AND OMEGA!") rewrote it?
  • Marvel's take on the bible might be interesting. Alpha and Excelsiomega, true believers! ("I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do will put you out of action for three days, bub. *SNIKT*")
  • DC's take could be interesting, as well. "I'm the GODDAMNED GODMAN!"
  • I'd love to hire driftglass to write David Brooks's rendition of the bible ("Eve and the Democrats tempted Adam to eat the forbidden fruit.")
  • I'd also love to hire Malinda Kathleen Reese to "Translator Fail" parts of the bible. ("No, you moron! CEREAL!")

The idea intrigues me, and I want to explore it further. However, with real-life obligations, four-hour writing workdays, and the occasional Let's Play, I'm stretched thin. (Having poor physical and mental health doesn't help, either.) Still, I wouldn't object to having a Twitter DM session (or even... BLECH... a Discord session) where some other authors and I brainstorm ideas and create a rewrite on the fly.

One thing's for certain; my version of the bible will have no slavery or incest. I may not be infallible, but some mistakes I will never make.

Can I get an amen, sinners?

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