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Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 7-08

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 18 May 2021

I'm seriously considering switching the Tweet, You Sinners! blog posts to either YouTube videos or a combination of both videos and blog posts in the future. My hypothesis is that reading some of these theist tweets aloud will make them even funnier. Over the next few days, I'll be experimenting with CoolCut to see how feasible such a switch would be.

In the meantime, here's a daily digest of "divine" derp.

Fig. 1: Simple Answers to #NonRhetoricalQuestions (with apologies to Al Jaffee)

Fig. 2: "Just Because I'm Wrong Doesn't Mean That I'm Wrong!"

Fig. 3: Why Should I Believe Your Words When You Run from Them?

Fig. 4: #IgnoranceForIehovah

Fig. 5: Welcome to #BRADMERICA, Where TWEETS Are the Same Thing as PROOF.

Fig. 6: Welcome to #BRADMERICA, Where the WORD OF BRAD Is SACRED.

Fig. 7: Welcome to #BRADMERICA, Where EVERYTHING Is a BELIEF. 2 Plus 2 Equaling 4? Why Should We Trust You, LEFTIST?

Fig. 8: Welcome to #BRADMERICA, Where REALITY Is Only a BELIEF Unless BRAD Agrees with It.

Fig. 9: #CherryPickingForChrist

Fig. 10: "I Don't Need to Read the bible! I'm a christian, for god's Sake!"

Fig. 11: Want to Understand the bible? Ask an Atheist; They Actually Read the Damned Thing.

Fig. 12: I Don't Know Who Alex Is, But the Pope is His Chauffer.

Fig. 13: #HateGroupsForHeaven

Fig. 14: I'd Accuse Alex of Playing Dumb, But He's Clearly Not Playing.

Fig. 15: Alex Debates Himself... And Loses.

Fig. 16: I Can Realize When I'm Wrestling with a Pig.

I Tend to Forget This Vital Lesson.

Fig. 17: The bible Is Wrong about god? Who Knew?

Fig. 18: Advantage: Morpho.

Fig. 19: A Hysterical Grasp of History.

Fig. 20: Eye-Witless for the Genuflection.

And that brings us to... still being in 2020-10-23.

Some days are an embarrassment of riches when it comes to theist trolls.

SPOILER ALERT: Since I don't like telling the same jokes over and over again, expect to see more memes from me and fewer typed quote-retweets and typed replies around the beginning of 2021. I honestly can't remember when I bothered typing a reply to bert fulfer's word salad and non-sequitur questions.

On the e-book front, I've been going over volume 2 and noticed two problems: most of the links use CB.Click instead of short.en, and some links are 404s. I hope to have all of the links updated by the end of tomorrow. Once volume 2 is solid, I'll likely move on to Magical Horny Heralds (more on that on 2021-05-22) and The Stewards and the Sinners.

On the subject of doing things other than Tweet, You Sinners!: I'm going to try and step up my YouTube activity. My current solo project is to do a Let's Play through the Borderlands series. This will likely be a solo run... at first. I'll make the games public and try to announce a few hours prior to recording; after all, more players mean stronger enemies, which means better loot. Another Let's Play project I want to undertake is what I'm tentatively calling Skyrim Unlimited. My plan is to download as much Creation Club content as possible, as well as some acclaimed mods, to make for a playing experience far different from the main game and official add-ons. For add-ons, I'm specifically looking for add-ons that add roleplaying elements, main quests, and subquests. (I am eager to dive into The Forgotten City.) Skyrim Unlimited will be a long ways away since I will need to set aside money for Creation Club content and for additional storage -- whether that means a larger internal drive, a supplementary external drive, or increasing the size of my online storage.

Until then, there's plenty of old drek-tament and new drek-tament for me to post and compile. TV Tropes refers to this as Blessed with Suck.

Nonexistent deities help us all.

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