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Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 7-04

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 10 May 2021

My life has grown hectic due to a variety of health complications and real-life obligations.

Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- theistic trolls on Twitter are consistently bad. Here's twenty from the archives:

Fig. 1: Slithers or GTFO.

Fig. 2: Let Us Give Thanks to Trolls.

Fig. 3: An Immaculate Deception.

Fig. 4: #FecalophiliaForJesus

Fig. 5: EFL Straw What He Did There.

Fig. 6: Bert Blah Blah.

Fig. 7: "I'm Too Smart to Answer Questions!"

Fig. 8: Either the #GQP Prays to Hunter Biden, Or....

Fig. 9: Darwin Versus Derping.

Fig. 10: That Pope... What a Poser, Right?

Fig. 11: Dictionary Versus Douchecanoe.

Fig. 12: TZ Doubles Down on his Derp.

Fig. 13: Logical Fallacy Generator.

Fig. 14: "It's Only Rude When an Atheist Does It!"

Fig. 15: Mob Moron-ity.

Fig. 16: #BearingFalseWitnessForJesus

Fig. 17: or GTFO.

Fig. 18: I'll Re-use This Gag Until She's Blue in my Face.

Fig. 19: "Why is Logan Eating Soup in the Middle of Battle?"

Fig. 20: Don't Make bert Think.

And that brings us to 2021-10-21.

I've mentioned before that I'm spending less time online overall. The main reasons are a need to spiritually detoxify, a desire to be a good boyfriend, and a more concentrated effort on both my and Soggy's personal projects. Besides, I never want to say, "Sorry, Soggy. I'd love to Simpsons-and-snuggle, but I'm going to read Brad blame Leftists for his hangnails instead."

Having said that, though, Tweet, You Sinners! is one of my personal projects. Removing payday loans from my personal finances should dramatically increase the amount of money I can reallocate towards other expenses, including getting Tweet, You Sinners! ready for distribution. If all goes well, I'll start ramping up hiring proofreaders and artists in mid-June.

Nonexistent gods help me if I miss the mark.

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