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Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 7-03

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 26 Apr 2021

At the risk of jinxing it, I may have a calm day without high-priority tasks or excessive distractions. I intend to make the most of it by working on Tweet, You Sinners! Quite a few "contributors" to the project are either getting suspended or deleting their accounts, so I need to work on capturing screenshots lest one of the e-books is a compilation of "The tweet is gone, but, dude, trust me. It was BAD."

Speaking of bad tweets, here's a batch of twenty terrible theistic takes:

Fig. 1: Straw-ng Bad.

Fig. 2: Hide And E-seek-iel.

Fig. 3: The Lame Name Game.


Fig. 5: The Immaculate Consent.

Fig. 6: Darwin Versus Derp-lose.

Fig. 7: Be True or Be christian?

Fig. 8: "Give Me the Respect That I Don't Give You.:"

Fig. 9: The Immaculate Inadvertent Confession.

Fig. 10: The Immaculate Incomprehensible Deflection.

Fig. 11: "2,000 Years Ago, christians Didn't Believe in jesus!"

Fig. 12: Dictionaries Versus Dickheads.

Fig. 13: My Posts Are Now Holy Scripture, Heathens!

Fig. 14: Coupons Are Now Holy Scripture, Too!

Fig. 15: The Intellectual Yard-Schtick.

Fig. 16: Three Fingers Pointing Back at Allistair.

Fig. 17: Illogical "Logic."

Fig. 18: More Human Than a Human... Except When he's Not.

Fig. 19: Would yahweh Put his Hand on the bible before Testifying?

Fig. 20: You Can't Use the bible to Prove the bible.

And that brings us to 2020-10-20. Progress is progress.

Speaking of which: I've just about recovered from my physical and mental exhaustion, so I'm going to attempt to implement "core hours." My goal is to actively work on my writing projects from roughly 10am PST to 3pm PST -- unless Soggy needs help with tasks around the house. When I first arrived in Kingman, I was often too weary to get out of bed. As for right now... if I have energy to play Skyrim, then I have energy to focus on being a good boyfriend and writing.

I've often said something to the extent of "If Tweet, You Sinners! is even a moderate success, it will bring in significant income." That's a great talking point (in my heavily-biased opinion), but it's nothing but a talking point if I don't release any books. Because of this, I'm going to boost the priority of Tweet, You Sinners! If I'm not working on Three Gen Media assignments or joint projects with Soggy, then I need to build momentum for Tweet, You Sinners! If I can keep active, I can even bring back the #ShamelessSelfPromotionSaturday posts without feeling like a lazy hypocrite.

Also, I find myself spending far less time on Twitter. This is mostly because, given the choice between Soggy and internet trolls and the choice between Skyrim and internet trolls... can you blame me for choosing devotion and dragons over disgusting derps masquerading as divinity? "Sorry, Soggy, but I'd rather try to decipher bert fulfer's 'questions' than Netflix and chill with you," I said after NEVER.

And that, readers, is the "gospel" truth.

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