Thou Shalt Tell The Self-Righteous to Shut Their Pieholes.

Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 5-04

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 1 Oct 2020

Twitter's an interactive dumpster fire. Today, I caught heat for such controversial takes as, "I don't have any provable negative effects of being circumcised 43 years ago" and "You're not my target audience because you think the n-word is high comedy."

I could have been addicted to Twitter, or I could have been addicted to sex.

I chose Twitter.

I really am insane.

...and, oh yeah... fundies. Two of my current "sparring partners" are a guy who confesses multiple times to peeing himself and the proverbial pigeon who shits on the chessboard and declares victory.

Thanks for making them in your image, Yahweh!

But let's go back a few months for 20 terrible testa-mental takes.

I'm hellbound if Keanu Reaves is God. I've taken John Wick's name in vain several times. Then again, spending eternity in the Lake of Lingerie while Satin looks on would be considered fetish fuel to some. I heard from James Brison that the ninth circle of Hell is the Victoria's Secret fashion show. 

Jokes aside, I have a "company store" situation on my hand. I've been posting twenty bad takes a day, and I've been quote-retweeting and hashtagging more than twenty bad takes a day. I'm not sure how to deal with this problem. Hell, I don't know if it even is a problem. If the books are even a moderate success, then it qualifies as job security.

As a reminder, I'm going to need 1-2 beta readers and 1-2 artists to make this book complete and to justify charging more than $0.99. Render unto the Loony Liberal that which is the Loony Liberal, after all. On the subject of payment, work won't start until at least 2020-10-12 because I won't be able to pay until then. However, that should give enough time to hammer out details and come to agreements.

And on a personal note: in my now-defunct personal blog, I covered the topic of the n-word several times. Considering that I hear and read that accursed word every single day -- and that I've been called that word at least three times -- I think it would be a great time to update one of those posts and post it here. I aim to do that by the end of the weekend.

Until next time, BAT-tists! (Okay... that one was a stretch. I need a new outro.)

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