"Just Like in jesus's Teachings!"

Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 17-10

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 1 May 2022


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Even by Twitter "standards," Twitter has been more of a dumpster fire than it usually is. It's almost as if some egomaniacal eccentric musked all over the platform, emboldening tens of thousands of copy-and-paste smokescreen trolls.

But that's crazy talk! It's not like an all-loving deity would allow such a thing to happen, right?

Fig. 1: If You Want to Argue That #moRon Is a biblical Plague, I'll Concede That Point.

Multiply that tweet by... oh, say... your favorite number that has at least seven digits left of the decimal point.

Ever since Elon Musk's "Feeling cute; might buy Twitter later" silliness, the trolls have surged. Once more for emphasis: I do not hate-follow anyone. That did not spare either of my feeds from a litany of "ABORTIN R MOORDOOR!," "If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?," and a deluge of tweets that look like they were typed by a mistranslated Ouija board.

The downside: if I weren't a misanthrope before, I sure as hell am one now.

The upside: this has been a surge for the #TweetYouSinners project.

In addition, I'm positioning myself -- financially, physically, and mentally -- to resume work on Sin City Screwballs activities, which include active collaborations with talented creators. More on that in the outro.

And now, we shift from "good news" to "Good grief!" with the traditional twenty terrible theological takes from theist trolls!

Fig. 2: Does This Mean That the True Name of god is "Mr. Bubbles?"

Fig. 3: Clearly, Priests Should Not Be Allowed to Use Public Restrooms or to Play Sports.

Fig. 4: I Never Tire of Pointing out This Flaw to abrahamites.

Fig. 5: "Neener Neener Neener" is Apparently a Tenet of islam.

Fig. 6: To This Day, Religion Is a Thorax Subject for R. It Ticks Him Off.

Fig. 7: Don't Forget to Tip Your Waitress 10% of Your Salary.

Fig. 8: Trolls Never Think before They Tweet. Imaginary god Bless Them.

Fig. 9: I Still Don't Understand How "Atheists Practice Bestiality" and "Death to Cartoonists!" Are Merciful.

Fig. 10: "OMG. Look at Becky. She Looks Like She Spent Three Days Inside of a Whale. Sacri-LAME."

Fig. 11: So Demons and the Holy Spirit Prevent Rapes Because Rebirth And My Head Hurts And I Need to Lie Down Now-

Fig. 12: How Many Errors Can One Make with 280 Characters? The Answer May Surprise You!

Fig. 13: Frankly, My Frank, I Don't Give a Damn about Your Pascal's Wager.

Fig. 14: Is the Baked Baker a Strawman Like Your Tweet Is, Paul?

Fig. 15: Apparently, jesus's Tomb Is a Metaphor for Tunnel Vision.

Fig. 16: "And One Time, in Band Camp, Atheists Took a Flute, and-"

Fig. 17: You Know Who Else Lied to Denigrate People That Didn't Match His Beliefs, Non-Salafi? HITLER! I'd Draw You a Picture, But....

Fig. 18: "And So, Your Soul Is Saved, Thanks to... THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!"

Fig. 19: Judging from the Contradictions in the Bible, jesus Respawned with INT 3.

Fig. 20: Mr. Mundy Has a Plan to Kill Everyone He Meets... Just Like yahweh Did... if yahweh Existed.

Fig. 21: They Might Be Giants Tried to Build a Little Birdhouse in My Soul. They Were Slightly Off-Target.

And that brings us to 2021-10-04.

As promised, here is an informal Sin City Screwballs update:

  • Chaotic Goth Kay and I are scheduled to record the next episode of "Sermons from Vermin" on Saturday, May 14.
  • Randall Baker -- bar-certified lawyer for the State of California -- and I are scheduled to record the first episode of "Lawyer and Loony" on Wednesday, May 18.
  • NSFW Hentai Master Art and I are collaborating on the h-manga comedy/parody series "Magical Horny Heralds." With my current resources, our release schedule is roughly one page per month. I'm working on ways to bolster my income so we can release content more frequently.
  • I'm in talks with collaborators to create a Sin City Screwballs Patreon (though I do plan on investigating alternates such as SubscribeStar). My soft target is to launch on Wednesday, June 1, but I'm in no position to commit to a hard date at this moment.

I'm working on a plan to rejoin the workforce, which would lead to more funds for more Sin City Screwballs projects. However, since it's far from guaranteed, I'll withhold the details for now.

One side-effect of having a stable environment with a support network that encourages me to rest and slow down is that... I overdid it with the "rest and slow down" part. I'm not at 100%, but I feel an undeniable urge to pull my weight and do something.

IT is essentially a dead-end for me. If I'm lucky, I'll get automated rejection emails. When I'm not ignored outright, I deal with people who are basically talking to me only to fill some arbitrary quota or who would rather be doing anything else. Because LABOR SHORTAGE, right?

I do have my SCS projects, though. And I am working with Arizona @ Work to seek alternate career options. In the meantime, I'm going to aim for at least one blog post a day, if for no other reason than to prep for weekly episodes of "Sermons from Vermin."

After all, god helps those who help themselves. Or at least he would if he existed.

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