This Batch of Trolls Needs to Coomer up with a New Insult.

Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 13-08

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 10 Aug 2021

Hop in. We're going to get through 2021-04-27 or die trying.

Fig. 1: Junebuggery, You're Dead Wrong, But Carri-on.

Fig. 2: It Just Doesn't Work.

Fig. 3: To Be Fair, Theists Who Repeat Talking Points and Fallacies Insisting That the Universe Itself Will Repeat is In-Character.

Fig. 4: If You Were Born After 1299, Then Metaphysics is Wrong.

Fig. 5: Ever Notice How It's the Theists to Make the First Sex-Related Insults?

Fig. 6: There's a Reason Why Theists Use Screenshots Instead of Links -- #CherryPickingForChrist.

Fig. 7: Golly, Whom Should I Trust -- Britannica, or the Anonymous Internet Troll?!?

Fig. 8: He Did the "Bio" Thing; Take a Drink.

Fig. 9: If yahweh Rounds Libels up to Bearing False Witness, Theological Trolls are Fucked if Their Religion is True.

Fig. 10: Who Wants to Bet That Donut Uses the bible as Evidence?

Fig. 11: That You're Not Reading This on a Commodore 64 or an Atari 2600 Shows That Science is Not Unquestionable.

Fig. 12: Donut Clearly Doesn't Think before Tweeting.

Fig. 13: Since Logical Fallacies Aren't a Problem, Let's Ask Donut if He Still Beats His Wife.

Fig. 14: When All Else Fails, Declare Victory and Hope it Sticks.

Fig. 15: Nash is Shrouded in the Divine Fallacy.

Fig. 16: This Explains Why Theological Trolls Rarely Provide Sources.

Fig. 17: "Your Honor, I Think, Therefore I Am Innocent."

Fig. 18: It's Okay to Not Be Smart Unless You Pretend to be Smart.

Fig. 19: Any More Word Salad from Donut, and I'll be a Vegetarian.

Fig. 20: An Air Bag Tells Me to Read about an Air Pump.

And that brings us to...

*heavy sigh*

...still in 2021-04-27.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

It's not the deities; it's their toxic fanbases.

Speaking of toxicity: I'll be moving back to Las Vegas in a week. It's a short-term move, but I'll be making long-term plans to build momentum for Sin City Screwballs projects. As such, I'm looking for short-term, part-time, or remote work to generate additional income. Specifically, I'm looking for part-time and/or short/term gigs in either software testing or writing. Thankfully, I don't need money for necessities, so I'm not going to beg. Money that I earn from side-gigs will go towards paying contributors for future projects or for buying BNB (to convert to USDC, ETH, and/or iFARM). I would appreciate job leads ([email protected] for software testing and loonyliber[email protected] for writing).

And unlike Donut, I'll trust evidence of reputable job leads.

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I have 15 years of experience as a software tester. I've been writing off-and-on for 28 years. I adapt quickly to new technologies and new methodologies. And I believe that humor is the most important social skill.

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