If Logical Fallacies Were Water, Theological Trolls Would Create SEVERAL Oceans.

Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 13-07

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 9 Aug 2021

Twitter truly is a cure for sanity and happiness, isn't it?

Yes, I know that theists don't have a monopoly on trolling. However, as I've mentioned before, those who can convince themselves that their terrible behavior is a deity-given crusade and those who hide their naked misdeeds behind "holy" scriptures are far more dangerous than those who are openly trolling for the lulz.

I will enjoy being mostly offline on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday.

In the meantime, here's a sampling of what I see when I log onto Twitter (once more for emphasis: I don't hate-follow ANYBODY; the trolls below either harass my mutuals/followees or try to pwn me):

Fig. 1: #CircularReasoningForChrist

Fig. 2: A Differend of Opinions.

Fig. 3: Brave Sir Nash (Part 2) Will Chew Your Legs off (for jesus).

Fig. 4: Can Someone Please Tell That christian What a god is?

Fig. 5: Satan, Schmatan. Merriam-Webster is the TRUE Enemy of christianity.

Fig. 6: "Prove my Point for Me!"

Fig. 7: Unreal Realities Aren't Real.

Fig. 8: There's a Divine Fungus among Us!

Fig. 9: 4 - 4 = god. Nash's "Logic," Not Mine.

Fig. 10: "Hey, Zeus! It Turns out That I Can't Create Things! Do You Think You Could Pop an Adam and and Eve out of Your Head Like You Did with Athena?"

Fig. 11: Toilet Bowl Cleaners are holy water. Nash's "Logic," Not Mine.

Fig. 12: I'll Wait for the "Howard the Duck" Reboot.

Fig. 13: False Equivalences are Apparently a Tenet of christianity.

Fig. 14: ProTip -- Never Ask Enor Mouse What Time It Is.

Fig. 15: ...Yes, I Misspelled "Eight." I'm Not Infallible.

Fig. 16: Fun Fact -- Entropy is a Natural State That Can Only be Countered by the Introduction of Energy. But... as Long-Time Readers Already Know... Theists Struggle with What Words Actually Mean.

Fig. 17: #TweetYouSinners Is Going TO THE MOOOOON!

Fig. 18: #DoubleStandardsForDivinity

Fig. 19: There's ALWAYS a Tweet.

Fig. 20: Twitter Needs a Swarm of Perpetually-Pissed English Teachers.

And that brings us to... still on 2021-04-27. There is is, readers: proof that there is no just and loving god.

It's T minus one week until my temporary move back to Las Vegas. Though I don't intend to do a full-blown job search until after I settle back into town, I've already put out feelers. I have enough money to survive post-move on a month-by-month basis, but I'd like to earn some more so that Sin City Screwballs and #SatoshisSaturday don't stagnate. I'm looking for part-time and/or short/term gigs in either software testing or writing. Thankfully, I don't need money for necessities, so I'm not going to beg. Money that I earn from side-gigs will go towards paying contributors for future projects or for buying BNB (to convert to USDC, ETH, and/or iFARM). I would appreciate job leads ([email protected] for software testing and [email protected] for writing).

After all, sloth and greed are sins, and the ROI for staying in bed or for playing low-limit Blackjack and/or Craps isn't fantastic.

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