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Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 13-03

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 4 Aug 2021

"Life is what happens while you make plans."

If there are greater powers at work, they have decided that I need a heavy-handed reminder of the above adage. I will be offline for most of today and tomorrow due to real-life tasks and errands. I've decided, however, to make the most of my insomnia (and what will likely be several Mountain Dews or iced coffees) to tend to my digital workload before I hit the road.

Besides... the theological trolls are awake and active now, too... and hoo boy, are they cranking out some real "gems":

Fig. 1: For Full Context -- "Her Inner Gates" Refers to His (Alleged) Wife.

I'll leave the implications of treating a spouse wedded under holy matrimony as a plague to my readers.

And on the topic of theists behaving badly...

Fig. 2: Why Did yahweh Let There be Nazis in the First Place?

Fig. 3: "yahweh Created Everything Except the Stuff That I Don't Like!"

Fig. 4: #TrippinForTestaments

Fig. 5: Greek Mythology. [Mic Drop]

Fig. 6: And Mort Said to Pharell, "Let My Peabrains D'oh!"

Fig. 7: That Would Explain Why yahweh Let There be Nazis.

Fig. 8: Do Nothing? Mission Accomplished. Next Take....

Fig. 9: Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time, Jason.

Fig. 10: #BearingFalseWitnessForJesus

Fig. 11: Jason Doesn't Know about Atheist Hangouts Since He Lives in His Ideological Bubble.

Fig. 12: Imagine Being So Far Gone That You Think That "Surface-Dwellers" is an Insult.

Fig. 13: Jason -- Who is NOT a Surface-Dweller -- Cannot Clear the Hurdle He Sets for Us.

Fig. 14: Golly, I Didn't Realize That yahweh Led the Electoral College.

Fig. 15: One Hazard of a Bad Analogy is That It Can Backfire.

Fig. 16: Athena. [Mic Drop]

Fig. 17: #CuttingCarbsForChrist

Fig. 18: That Odd Feeling When Mordecai and Rigby Have Better Work Ethics Than jesus.

Fig. 19: So Religious Murder is Moral. Noted.

Fig. 20: Hot Take -- If Ron Doesn't Want to be Called out for Violating His Religious Tenets, He Could Stop Violating His Religious Tenets.

Fig. 21: Imagine Being So Far Gone That You Think That the Concept "Black Lives Matter" is Nonsense.

And that brings us to 2021-04-20.

After my upcoming move, I hope to revert to a more traditional schedule. 9-to-5 is probably not going to happen... at least not immediately. However, something like a 9-to-3 or a 10-to-4 should be doable, giving me plenty of time to write, collect bad takes, and create video content. (Though I'm going to need to get back on a traditional sleep schedule to accomplish that. I won't be able to work from 10am to 4pm if I'm asleep from 10am to 4pm.)

Speaking of work: I have enough money to survive post-move on a month-by-month basis, but I'd like to earn some more so that Sin City Screwballs and #SatoshisSaturday don't stagnate. I'm looking for part-time and/or short/term gigs in either software testing or writing. Thankfully, I don't need money for necessities, so I'm not going to beg. Money that I earn from side-gigs will go towards paying contributors for future projects or for buying BNB (to convert to USDC, ETH, and/or iFARM). I would appreciate job leads ([email protected] for software testing and [email protected] for writing).

Though I might be able to reclaim some grocery funds if I go on a diety. I'll pray to Irwin for guidance.

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