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Tweet, You Sinners!: Volume 11-01

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 15 Jul 2021

"Fun" fact: "Even god" trended on Twitter because racists considered lightning damaging a mural of George Floyd as... wait for it... an act of god.

I throw that out there as a pre-emptive response to those who think that the Tweet, You Sinners! project is needlessly silly.

And speaking of petty religious trolls:

Fig. 1: Welcome to #BRADMERICA, Where BRAD Has a BRADOPOLY on Advocating for Things That Don't Exist, Such as Lefties That Live in Your Cookie Jar, and yahweh.

Fig. 2: Welcome to #BRADMERICA, Where SOCIALISM is BAD Unless It Benefits BRAD.

Fig. 3: Don't Like Socialism? Get out of America, Then!

Fig. 4: "Listen to my Nonexistent Proof!"

Fig. 5: #DerpingForDeuteronomy

Fig. 6: Still No Explanation for the Talking Snake.

Fig. 7: Repeating a Logical Fallacy is a Logical Fallacy Itself.

Fig. 8: "yahweh Want a Cracker! SQWAK!"

Fig. 9: The bible is "Basically" Fiction. The End.

Fig. 10: Somewhere, in a Hastily-Coded RPG, a Village is Missing a Non-Essential NPC.

Fig. 11: "For I am the lord thy god, and the Card You Drew Is the Six of Spades."

Fig. 12: "I Know You Are, But What Am I?" is a Tenet of christianity.

Fig. 13: The Schism between "Believers" is a Problem of Their Own Creation-ism.

Fig. 14: Welcome to BRADMERICA, Where That LEFTIST HIPPIE jesus is a THIEF.

Fig. 15: Bill's Grasp of History is Hysterical.

Fig. 16: yahweh and Jeff Dunham -- Two Peas in a Tight-Lipped Pod.

Fig. 17: The fulfer Monty Starring Webslinger527.

Fig. 18: #AbleismForAlphaAndOmega

Fig. 19: Beasts of Burden (of Proof).

Fig. 20: ProTip -- When Somone Says, "It's a Joke," It's NEVER a Joke.

And that brings us to... still in 2021-01-30.

For the rest of the week, I should be back to one post per day, leading up to Saturday's Sermons from Vermin.

For now, though, I need to get some rest. Spending time with a figurative angel should help me wipe away the negativity of dealing with virtual devils.

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