Tweet, You Sinners! (Mr. Special Edition): Volume 8-01
If You're Going to Insist That You're Smarter Than I, Then You Actually Have to be Smarter Than I.

Tweet, You Sinners! (Mr. Special Edition): Volume 8-01

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 20 May 2021

Typically, I limit myself to one Tweet, You Sinners digest per day, but I got a spiritual second wind after I received this tweet:

Fig. 1: I Thought Deadpool was Mr. Special... or Was That the Hulk?

I haven't laughed this much since this:

Fig. 2: Lieutenant Watson of the Grandma Police, Reporting for Duty (And Cheek-Pinches)!

Fig. 2: Lieutenant Watson of the Grandma Police, Reporting for Duty (And Cheek-Pinches)!

There's nothing wrong with not being a genius... as long as you don't insist that you're a genius anyways. I often say that I'm a novice at cryptocurrency, which is why I don't call Satoshi Nakamoto "my BitCoin bi-atch."

I guess that's what makes me Mr. Special.

Hence a special double-dosage of terrible theistic takes!

Fig. 3: Think before you Fink.

Fig. 4: Argument from Derpitude.

Fig. 5: "If You Deny god, then I'll Deny the Dictionary!"

Fig. 6: The Dictionary Versus Dickhead Dilemma.

Fig. 7: The Immaculate Urination?!?

Fig. 8: He Doesn't Have Enough Salmon to be Allergic to Seafood.

Fig. 9: Sanjum Made his Strawman in his Image.

Fig. 10: Welcome to #BRADMERICA, Where yahweh KILLS HUMANS Because They're PERFECT.

Fig. 11: ...Huh?

Fig. 12: bert is the Embodiment of Unrelated Questions.

Fig. 13: Welcome to #BRADMERICA, Where the ANSWERS to EVERYTHING are in a 1,900-YEAR-OLD FANFICTION.

Fig. 14: A Whale of an Assertion.

Fig. 15: "If Derp, then god."

Fig. 16: If bert's Tweets Make Sense to You, Call 911 Immediately.

Fig. 17: Yeezy's Logical Capabilities are a Black Hole.

Fig. 18: Warp-ed Logic.

Fig. 19: Explain the Science of Lot's Daughters Date-Raping Him.

Fig. 20: Because Theist Tantrums are... Exempt?!?

Fig. 21: Let's You and Him Fight for allah.

Fig. 22: Welcome to #BRADMERICA, Where Anything That is WRITTEN is TRUE (Unless BRAD doesn't LIKE IT).

And that brings us to 2020-10-29. Time marches on, and trolls march on with it.

I -- Mr. Special, Lieutenant in the Grandma Police -- wish you luck in keeping pace with the trolls.

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