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Sermons from Vermin - Episode 4: Indefensible and Indecipherable

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 17 Jul 2021

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Sex crimes and pure gibberish.

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Goth Princess Kay joins me for another episode of Sermons from Vermin. My internet connection dropped, but we managed to stay focused on this week's "winners."

For full context, this week's "winners" are below:

This week's audio/video digest includes:

  • Theists defending slavery.
  • Theists defending stalkers of high-school girls.
  • Theists defending incest.
  • Theists defending racism.
  • Theists defending child marraige.
  • Morality for morality's sake versus morality due to fear of an invisible sky-daddy.
  • #BearingFalseWitnessForJesus: Science Edition.
  • Webslinger527's Strife of Brian.
  • Start the revolution without us, Webslinger527.



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