It's Not the Size of the Dovahkin That Counts, Soggy! It's the Noise It Makes That's Important!

Let's Play! - Skyrim Modsmacked - Part 005: No Plot. No Pants. No Problem (Guest-Starring Soggy Illustrations)

By LoonyLiberal | Sin City Screwballs | 6 Jun 2021

WARNING: Due to the nature of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition, as well as some of the installed mods, this video is not recommended for viewers under the age of 18.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Blood, foul language, (hopefully-censored) female nudity, and a complete game crash.

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In part 5, Loonikaka loses Rigmor, Rosa Round-Bottom loses her pants, Soggy and Scott lose their marbles, and the game flat-out gives up with a complete crash. Also: WOLVES!

Special guest star(s): On our side of the fourth wall, it's Soggy! In Skyrim, Loonikaka is joined by the aptly-named and highly under-dressed Rosa Round-Bottom.

TIRED: Me, followers that don't follow, unequippable (and enchanted) pubic hair (I am NOT making this up), and crashing.

WIRED: Soggy the artist, Orlock the Destroyer, Rosa Round-Bottom the half-naked barbarian, and accessories that increase carrying capacity.

  • Orlock the Destroyer (he likes his blood boiling and his masks without any holes)
  • Rosa Round-Bottom (her pubic hair is an enchanted accessory, which I can't WAIT to take to an enchanting table)
  • Loonikaka (the last party member to get wet when it rains)
  • Rigmor of Not-Appearing-in-This-Video (probably because she's picking flowers again)

  • Slaughtered by Spriggans: 1
  • Thumped by Trolls: 1


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