Just One Bitcoin Speaks Volume and Value

Even with the price of bitcoins fluctuating, I'm still anxious to earn that particular cryptocurrency. Through recent online articles and posts that I have read online, it's obvious that there is uncertainty in the price of bitcoins. However, for one coin (bitcoin) to hold so much value, it's worth owning for me, whether the value is in the 9000s or 5000s in U.S. dollars. I admit that I don't understand exactly how mining crypto coins into U.S. dollars actually works. But, as long as it can be converted into cash if necessary, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I just want to earn some bitcoins, soon! 

I find it amazing that a lot of people are unaware of cryptocurrency and its value, especially those individuals who are regular users of the internet. There's always ads about bitcoins  on sites that I visit frequently and infrequently. The first time someone mentioned bitcoins to me, my first thought was "this is something internet related" and I thought no more about it. That is, until I began to use the internet more often. At one point, every site I visited sponsored bitcoin ads, mostly trying to encourage individuals to join bitcoin-earning sites as affiliate marketers. And, yeah, I joined many of them though I have yet to see proof of bitcoin earnings. Still, I digress. 

Nowadays, in the midst of this pandemic that has so many with feelings of uncertainty,  my interest in acquiring bitcoins has heightened because I know of its value, at least to me. Can anyone tell me if there is a quick way to earn bitcoins? Or, do you have to earn so many other forms of cryptocurrency and get to the bitcoin level? I just want to know because I won't give up on earning just one bitcoin! 

Stay Safe Everyone! Keep the faith as you continue to push forward during this difficult times! All lives matter!

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Nathonia's Notions
Nathonia's Notions

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With so many options for earning online, it 's important to keep in mind that "everything that glitters is not gold". Conducting a research or googling a site before joining can save time and energy used in signing up to those "too good to be true" sites that promises "free" members can earn just by getting clicks on their personalized affiliate links! Of course, many times what potential signups don't know is that in order to really learn on certain affiliate marketing sites, you must upgrade! Research!

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