Sunday School - Ethereum - ERC20 - Blockchain Coding
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Sunday School - Ethereum - ERC20 - Blockchain Coding

By simpatico.crypto | simpatico | 16 Feb 2020

Eat The Blocks

I don't know why, but the fact remains that on Sunday mornings, I find it easer to absorb information.  I tend to amass information off-stage from my main focus, and build up a pool of leads for further scrutiny when the time comes. In this case, I've been boiling down where to start with code, if indeed that's the way to go. I have looked at so many Python tutorials over the last year and then not started. Partly because of time, but also because I don't want to waste my time learning something I might not need at this stage. 

However - every time I see a labour-saving code compiler or code-writing service I think, no thanks, not for me. Imagine not knowing how core parts of your chosen industry works. Not gonna happen. I always knew I'd get to it eventually, my uncle was coding in the 1970s, and many of my friends in the 80s were super geeks. I had a ZX81 with a 16k Ram Pac. And a ZX Spectrum. And later, a PINE email account. And the only reason to close the Demon Internet account was because of Freeserve. Ya get me? But only now do I finally find a real imperative to get stuck in to coding. 

A little late, maybe? Actually, I think it's a great time to get to grips with it. 

Soon, I will have the time and resources I need to really get down into the weeds. Until then, it's mainly on Sundays. 

I have to say, I've always found code relatively easy. I taught myself HTML and built, deployed and maintained my own websites back in the late 90s. I helped sell music online before there was an amazon, or a google, or a paypal. I've watched a lot a lot of trains leave the station! Perhaps it's because in music technology we had to grapple with a constantly changing technology and protocols all the way from the 80s through to the late 2000s and early 2010s. It's settled down now.

The abstract thinking needed for coding is the same type of abstract thinking needed for engineering pleasant music from machines [now virtual machines]. Music is invisible, so controlling it with tools has an extra level of imaginative abstraction and therefore difficulty, but coding an app with a GUI is not unlike that process, in fact I argue that they are very similar. The making of the sausage doesn't particularly resemble the end product that the customer enjoys. If only they knew! But they don't want to know, they just want a tasty sausage. And who can blame them? If they were like me, they would be hanging around the kitchen wondering about ingredients, process, timing, and learning how to grind up the messy meat to create the sausage, and not out on the restaurant floor, as a punter, happily eating them. Such is life.

Many Choices

So, yeah, look at all these good-looking blockchains! I wanna learn Solidity, Clarity, Scilla, many many more. I've done the wonderfully accessible Zero-To-Dapp course offered by Blockstack, because their ID system and DAPP universe was the one that attracted me the most. I got my Tshirt, but really, I know I need to throw much more serious time at this. And not just on Sundays!

This weekend, I've been mulling various things, thinking and learning about coding ERC20 tokens, and what I might do with my Cryptokitties [long post on that sometime soon] 

This one is a really great compressed overview to Ethereum . . from the oddly under-subscribed Metamask channel;

ERC Protocols

And this is a really good short series on ERC Tokens & Protocols


Everyone has a different way and pace of learning - luckily we are surrounded by learning opportunities! 


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