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Only The Brave!

By Kieran Alexis | simpatico | 4 Jan 2020

It’s been a liberating journey using Brave Browser these last few months.

I’m always keen to jump in and adopt early if an idea sounds worthwhile - and the proposition of Brave and it’s ingenious opt-in advertising systems,  blazing speed, healthy new attitude to data and privacy, with cross-site tracking blockers and customisable shields was a breath of fresh air.

The BAT token got going last year, and the ecosystem gained instant vitality. It's proving a great first introduction for users with no previous exposure to crypto, or owning a wallet, using digital currencies, tipping, or using any form of digital asset.

Brave bundles enough attractive features and risk-free crypto-dabbling to allow people to think; ‘hey, what have I got to lose?’

And did people hoard their coins after the launch, like they do with other cryptos? No!

The idea worked straight out of the gate, and hasn’t stopped exploding ever since, whether it’s the ever-growing list of Brave Verified Content Creators or the ever increasing popularity of the browser. You can become a Verified Creator with relative ease. 

I completed my Uphold KYC so I can now add funds, or, the magical breakout function, withdraw funds to my wallet or account. Update - great explanation on how to withdraw to Coinbase here.

You can now hook up your BAT tipping function to many platforms - your youtube channel, Reddit, Twitter etc etc etc. This feels like an evolution in which we transcend prior issues, remove gatekeepers, and end up with a healthier overall situation.

I enjoy tipping my monthly-earned BAT, and first time I gave BAT away was, I realised, the first time I had actually spent any crypto.

Everything else for me had been HODLing up to that point.

Which, sensible though it is, can feel a bit like hoarding. That’s because it is, essentially, hoarding. Nothing wrong with that! But if it’s all you’re doing, you might want to take an audit on that.

Brendan Eich’s interview from a year ago on ‘This Week In Startups’ is a great deep dive into the background.

Integrating BAT tipping features into their platforms is a great way for creators to stand apart and demonstrate that they operating at the cutting edge of FinTech, as well as being a part of a growing community , and a way to earn fungible tokens.

Additionally, as a creator and BAT user myself, I have noticed that we seem to have a 'virtuous network' effect going on, and in using BAT we're in an early adopting free-thinking worldwide movement, which feels to me much more like the early and more benignly disruptive and levelling days of the internet. As used to say - "They stole our revolution, now we're stealing it back

There’s one more thing I’ll cover today - the amazingly useful ads on Brave.

I’m writing this today thanks to Brave and their advertising. How come? Yesterday, I had no knowledge of this website. But in the morning, I clicked on a Brave advert, which led me to this site, which I subsequently joined.

And here I am, publishing.

Generally, an online advert is useless - Brave ads have brought me interesting links on a regular basis.

And I get paid.

Welcome to the future.


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Kieran Alexis
Kieran Alexis

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