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Bitcoin Prehistory Chart - Ansel Linder

By Kieran Alexis | simpatico | 3 days ago

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BTC - Long Time Coming

It's always good to take a step back and take stock of where we came from, and where we might be going.

I've seen this chart around for a while, and I wondered who was behind it. 

Funny to think that the Chancellor of the UK at that time will go down in history for his inclusion in the BTC code as an easter egg

BTC Pre History

So, who was behind this supercool chart? Someone I never heard of, a bitcoin maximalist podcaster and writer called Ansel Linder

He writes on Medium, has a podcast, and I'm listening now.

And boy, does he hate Altcoins

Never mind, it's all 'grist to the mill' as we say here in these islands.

I do believe in BTC market dominance for the time being.

But I also believe that BTC is not the future of blockchain adoption per se, and although it's perfect as a store of value, there are so many other societal functions and needs that can be helped by blockchain tech that one would be rash to dismiss progress elsewhere. That would be blinkered. 

For me, an 80% BTC / 20% ALTS HODL ratio is good.



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Kieran Alexis

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