A guide to making money from Cryptocurrency

By SilverLineswap | SilverLine Swap | 15 Apr 2022

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“It Appears as though Crypto’s are here to stay and play crucial role in modifying People’s insight of what money actually is “

Shall we ask, why has a rash occurred throughout the past decade and people's interest has streamlined into Cryptocurrencies? And day to day the value of the Cryptocurrency keeps increasing? And why do people start to invest in the different platforms and earn the money out of it?

A lot of people get into the Cryptocurrency field to make money, but everybody never becomes the winner over here and that’s what makes it even more special. Many either give up along the way, or lose money because they don’t understand how to properly utilize Cryptocurrency for financial Purposes. Do We have a point here? - Yes, but before that, let’s tell you that

Any new technology that arises today is a virgin to this world and in terms of Blockchain Tech & Cryptocurrency world, you get to see tons of newborn babies.  As Crypto assets gain their price, newcomers join the Space. These newbies are always looking to make money from the industry. 

But before stepping into the Crypto trading, marketing and what not? Let us ensure that we do need to have a clear sketch on what Cryptocurrency Is? And what available Ways are there to make money from Cryptocurrency. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Concepts :

  1. Ways to make money from Cryptocurrency 
  2. Strategies for making money from Crypto
  3. Conclusion
  • Ways to make money from Cryptocurrency:

Yes, there are several ways to make money by trading in Cryptocurrency. And before diving into the topic let's talk about What Cryptocurrency Is? 

  • Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by Cryptography, Which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. In simple terms, Cryptocurrency is typically decentralized digital money designed to be used over the internet.

The undeniable key factor to make money in the Cryptocurrency platform is “Trading” - Yes!! Trading is the atom, nucleus, core and what not to make the ecosystem richer for Cryptocurrency! And when it comes to the cryptocurrency - this guy is basically volatile in nature. Unable to estimate a proper value at a time, it makes us learn many investment factors, indicators and modules in order to earn through learning it completely.

  • Strategies for making Money with the Crypto!

First Mantra: Do the trade without owning any Crypto yourself, Just like how to invest gold in the Stock market.

Second Mantra: Use the coin you already own to stake and lend coins to the System or other users.

Third Mantra: You can participate in the Block chain system by mining or receiving coin rewards for work done in the system.

Here we now see about the Few Strategies that help to gain the profit of Cryptocurrencies. 

  1. Investing 
  2. Trading
  3. Staking and Lending 
  4. Crypto Social media 
  5. Mining
  6. Airdrops and Forks  
  • Investing:

Investing may be a long-term Strategy, but here we just speak about how a general & well suited to buy-and-hold-strategy. The cryptocurrency is volatile but, for the long term process, growth will be more potential and strong. For these kinds of Investments you should choose the Stable asset so that it is easy to invest securely.

  • Trading:

Before stepping into trading you need to have proper analytical and technical skills. You should analyze the market charts on performance listed assets so that it becomes easier to predict whether the price is increasing and decreasing. 

As a aforementioned, trading is the main ‘Taraka Mantra’ to any cryptocurrency community and ecosystem, when trading, it never matters, whether the position is longer or shorter. It depends on the expectations to rise or fall based on the current market activities, so that it won’t affect the profit. 

  • Staking and Lending:

Staking is nothing but Validating Crypto transactions, where you can stake your own coin but you don’t spend them, instead you lock the coins in a Cryptocurrency wallet. A proof of stake network then uses your coin to validate transactions. This allows us to maintain security and verify transactions. With this you can also lend crypto to other investors to create an interest on that loan.  

4) Crypto Social Media : 

Several blockchain-based social media platforms reward you for creating and curating content. And this will definitely add weightage to the Crypto market.

5) Mining:

Mining process benefits us by teaching us how to earn money with Cryptocurrency like the original pioneer. It is considered as the crucial element of proof of work mechanism, It is where the value of cryptocurrency is generated. 

If you mine a crypto currency, you are rewarded with new coins. To mine,  you need technical expertise and upfront investment in specialized hardware. 


For Crypto exchange an airdrop is the component to create a larger user base for a project. This is something to take a project to the next level. If you hold the coins in the original chain, then you will be gifted with free tokens on the new network. 


However, with the world already starting to invest in different platforms of cryptocurrencies and actively participating in the Crypto trading, where do you see yourself just a few days from now?. And yeah! In order to help anyone as a beginner or a Pro, we came across one of the interesting platforms called Silverline Swap, where you can invest, stake and buy SLN Tokens , just like other Crypto platforms. But Silverline Swap is quite different from others and felt interesting. For more details you can go and check the official website of Silverline Swap, which is silverlineswap

On the whole, the Crypto investment is definitely going to be a plus to the future. Why? Because it is estimated that the next generation is purely going to learn about cryptocurrency.

Go Crypto!! Go Silverline Family!! Jai Hind !!!

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The silverline token is a utility token, aiming to provide safety to investors through its own decentralized exchange and a private dashboard! SLN token is at the heart of the SilverLineSwap ecosystem. Buy it, Win it, Farm it, Spend it, and Stake it.

SilverLine Swap
SilverLine Swap

The silverLine token is a utility token, aiming to provide safety to investors through its own decentralized exchange and a private dashboard! SLN token is at the heart of the SilverLineSwap ecosystem. Buy it, Win it, Farm it, Spend it, and Stake it.

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