Puzzle #8. Bridge

By shuttlecock | Shuttlecock Puzzles | 24 Dec 2021

This puzzle contains information about the 12-word mnemonic phrase for a Vite wallet, containing 0.0001 BTC and 0.003 ETH. Information about the mnemonic phrase may be found in the image.

You may verify the wallet address and funds on the ViteScan explorer: https://vitescan.io/address/vite_8030aea12a53144bf77df0331c2be40886cbcf0b4f328efc7f



Title: Bridge


About Vite

Vite is the first public chain to implement smart contracts on the basis of a DAG ledger. Transactions on the Vite network are fast and feeless. The broader aim of the Vite network is to bridge different blockchains in a decentralised way.

An example helps to illustrate the innovation of Vite. Those of us who have made transactions or transfers with BTC and ETH know that a portion of the funds will be deducted as fees. Especially in the case of ETH, these fees may be quite significant.

The BTC and ETH in the prize wallet are tokens on the Vite blockchain, pegged to BTC. Because they are Vite tokens, they can be swapped and transferred in a fast and feeless way within the Vite network. That is, you can send them to friends or trade them for other tokens without incurring fees. There are many similar tokens on ViteX – a decentralised exchange built into the Vite network – that you can trade for BTC and ETH for. For example, you can use the BTC and ETH to buy ANKR, ERG, LINK, NANO, ONE, XRP, TERA, to name just a few.

When you are done with your trades, you withdraw these BTC and ETH (and many other tokens) back into their respective native networks. As Vite bridges more and more different networks, you may find that you never have to do cross-chain withdrawals anymore! You can simply keep these coins on the Vite network as pegged tokens, and enjoy fast and feeless transactions.  



The goal is to find the correct 12-word mnemonic phrase, that you can import using https://x.vite.net/startLogin or the VITE wallet app.


The website and wallet app will prompt you for an “Account Name” and “Password”. You can enter anything into these fields. As long as you have the correct 12-word mnemonic phrase, you will gain access to the wallet.

Once you have claimed the funds, feel free to boast about it / let us know how you solved it on your preferred social media platform! A list of all the platforms that Vite is on – including Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit – is available here: https://vite.org/community



Looking through the solutions of my previous puzzles may help you figure out a solution to this puzzle: https://www.publish0x.com/shuttlecock-puzzles.

Join Vite's Telegram communities to discuss the puzzle! You may find potential allies and collaborators to work with you, which may increase your chances of solving the puzzle! 


All the best, and most importantly, have fun! 


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