Puzzle #5 Solution

Puzzle #5 Solution

By shuttlecock | Shuttlecock Puzzles | 13 Oct 2021

Puzzle #5 has been solved! The winner of the prize is a user on the Vitamin Coin Discord server, @alchemist3978. 

Here's the solution to the puzzle.

We are presented with the following image: 


Title: Vitamin Rain


There are seemingly no other clues in the puzzle. How should we go about cracking this puzzle?

The first thing we want to note, is that there are "thick" and "thin" borders around the words. On a closer look, we see that the image actually comprises 12 "grid", each containing 12 words. That is, the image can be broken down into this: 


This strongly suggests that we are supposed to select one word from each "grid", to get a total of 12 words for the mnemonic phrase. 

How do we select the words? Recall that each grid contains 12 words. The way to do so is to assign each of those words a number. 

At this point, we may be tempted to do something like this: 


However, this isn't the right way. We still have a remaining clue that we are not using - the title of the puzzle is "Vitamin Rain". How can we make use of this piece of information? 

Something that we know about "rains" is that they fall down from the skies. The clue here, then, is that we need to position the words in a similar direction, like this: 


Once we get this, it'll be a simple matter of going through this for the rest of the grids. And we move through the other grids in a similar way too, like this: 


And we identify the relevant words from each of the 12 grids, like this:


When everything is done right, you will get the following mnemonic phrase:

assault plunge punch excess response reason damp very cheap perfect junior sick

And you're done! 

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