Puzzle #10: The prime of spring

By shuttlecock | Shuttlecock Puzzles | 28 Jan 2022

This puzzle contains information about the 12-word mnemonic phrase for a Vite wallet, containing 1500 Vite, 110,000,000,000 VITOGE, 1,000,000,000 VINU, 5,000 VITC, 7,777,777 VICAT, 100 VIVA and one VitePunk (#2203) -- with a combined worth of more than $250! Information about the mnemonic phrase may be found in the title of the puzzle and the image. 

You may verify the wallet address and funds on the VitcScan explorer: https://vitcscan.thomiz.dev/address/vite_cb7ac95a8489f58645ca4d008c729d7890b86a5822871b81bd


Title: The prime of spring

About Vite

Vite is the first public chain to implement smart contracts on the basis of a DAG ledger. Transactions on the Vite network are fast and feeless. The broader aim of the Vite network is to bridge different blockchains in a decentralised way.

The Vite network is also home to a great number of home-grown tokens, some of which have been included in the prize wallet. 

VITC is a health-based token that seeks to raise awareness about health within the cryptocurrency space. It was launched in July 2021, making it one of the earliest token-based communities on Vite. It was sponsored a Snapshot Block Producer (SBP) by Vitelabs in September 2021, and has been distributing its daily SBP $VITE rewards to its voters along with an accompanying VITC bonus. It has seen significant growth – including listings on ViteX and Dex-Trade, and an upcoming NFT marketplace. VITC is the governance token of the VITC Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). In addition to governance, VITC DAO members will also be able to receive a share of the upcoming VITC-built NFT marketplace fees (set at 2% of all transactions), simply for holding VITC. Check out VITC here: https://www.vitamincoin.org/

VINU is a dog-based meme token whose main philosophy is to have fun, make new friends, and form a community within the cryptocurrency space. Since it’s built on the Vite blockchain, VINU is also the world’s first fast and feeless dog-based meme token with smart contracts capabilities. VINU was launched in November 2021, and is currently the fastest growing meme token project within the Vite ecosystem – including listings on ViteX, Hotbit and Digifinex, and a partnership with the fiat-to-crypto payment service, Simplex. VINU has also partnered with ViNo SBP -- which comprises DAG enthusiasts seeking to bridge the Vite and Nano cryptocurrencies and communities (among others) -- to distribute daily SBP $VITE rewards to its voters, along with an accompanying VINU bonus. VINU will be the governance token of the VINU ecosystem – the VINUVERSE. Check out VINU here: https://vitainu.org/

VITOGE is yet another dog-based meme token focusing on funny contests and community on social media. It was launched shortly after VINU in 2021, and describes itself as the world's first doggo coin driven by the community. Its focus is on the fast and feeless aspects of the Vite network. Like VITC and VINU, it also distributes its daily SBP $VITE rewards to its voters, with an accompanying VITOGE and VICAT bonus. Check out VITOGE here: https://vitoge.org/ 

VICAT is a cat-based meme token that aims to bring joy to the oft-neglected cat lovers within the crypto community. The token was created in Q4, 2021, by the VITE Tools team, which comprises long-time crypto-enthusiasts. VICAT is based on Germany, where a common saying about cats is that they live 7 lives. The number 7, then, plays a big role in the VICAT community -- including its total supply of 777,777,777,777 VICAT. The VICAT token is currently undergoing a presale, and will be listed soon. Check out VICAT here: https://vicat.tech/ 

VIVA is a staking pool protocol that allows users to earn staking rewards on the Vite chain. Users may stake a variety of digital assets on the Viva platform to receive VIVA tokens, and vice versa. The Viva project has grown since the launch of its first pools (Vite > Viva and VX > VIVA) in December 2021. It is now on v 0.3 of its mainnet, and has plans to list the token soon. Check out Viva here: https://www.vivafi.org/ 

VitePunks describes itself as the first NFT collection powered by the Vite chain, and a homage to the CryptoPunk project. Its main vision is to develop the best possible marketplace for the VitePunks project, and perhaps to open the marketplace to other artists at some point. One of its main goals is long-term availability, and all NFT images are stored on IPFS in addition to VitePunks' own cloud storage. Check out VitePunks here: https://vitepunks.com/ 

As you can see, the Vite network is vibrant and full of activity. There are also numerous other projects on the Vite network, with more being built as we speak. Many of them are there for the attractive features of the Vite network – fast and feeless transfers with smart contract support. Check out these projects while it’s still early!



The goal is to find the correct 12-word mnemonic phrase, that you can import using https://x.vite.net/startLogin or the VITE wallet app.

The website and wallet app will prompt you for an “Account Name” and “Password”. You can enter anything into these fields. As long as you have the correct 12-word mnemonic phrase, you will gain access to the wallet.

Once you have claimed the funds, feel free to boast about it / let us know how you solved it on your preferred social media platform! A list of all the platforms that Vite is on – including Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit – is available here: https://vite.org/community

You may also contact @shuttlecock3376 (Discord and Twitter) to claim an additional NFT prize

NOTE: Looking through the solutions of my previous puzzles may help you figure out a solution to this puzzle: https://www.publish0x.com/shuttlecock-puzzles.



Looking through the solutions of my previous puzzles may help you figure out a solution to this puzzle: https://www.publish0x.com/shuttlecock-puzzles.

Join Vite's Telegram communities to discuss the puzzle! You may find potential allies and collaborators to work with you, which may increase your chances of solving the puzzle! 

All the best, and most importantly, have fun! 


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