STA and Statera - Deflation, Deltas & more

By CryptoKraut | Showcase | 21 Dec 2020

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What is Statera
Statera (STA) is an Ethereum-powered deflationary token pegged to an index fund. The STA token acts as an asset and also creates new assets from each pool (index fund) Statera joins. Investors also have the option of buying the pools STA is in, allowing for risk diversification.
Deflationary Index Funds and more broadly Deflationary Assets. The community can now take Statera and put it anywhere and there is no central party to answer to. Decentralized finance eliminates the need for a third party to execute financial transactions for the user. The developed Delta Token can connect deflation with any platform even if they dont support deflationary tokens. Statera is the first of its kind, which comes with all the advantages to being a first mover. It is moving at a time when unsound monetary policy is pervasive in our world. Instead of selling STA, an investor can pool their STA in an index fund (pool) This keeps money in the ecosystem and creates another positive feedback loop. The Statera token is fully decentralized and nothing can happen to it (if a DAO is created, the original STA will continue to provide value and be its own entity). There could be the creation of a new token that is either airdropped to current users or completely new. With this token the community can vote on next steps, determine the use of funds, determine future tokenomics, and so on. The goal is to become synonymous in DeFi, cryptocurrency investing The Statera Token gives users one token access to the price action of the entire DeFi suite of products it creates and is included in. Multiple index funds to increase their value while increasing its own token value. The token can be used by other ecosystems to instantly introduce sound monetary policy into their platform. This expansion increases the value proposition of the token.

The deflation of STA individually also creates a secondary deflation of sorts across the other tokens it is held with. Deflation is a powerful market mechanism. When supply is held steady or decreased, price becomes a better reflection of preference. The price now correlates more directly to demand and market pressures. Stateras deflation produces positive price pressure and reduces volatility for funds it is placed in. Statera is currently in a Uniswap Liquidity Pool that holds 50/50 ETH/STA. This forces the pressure of the index fund to constantly shift to the asset that has the most potential for upside. Sta is an ERC 20 standard token which is 50/50 STA/ETH. It is like holding an index fund of 50% STA and 50% Ether with a possible yearly yield of 38%-500% (depending on daily volume).

Delta is traded between three locations: Statera Token Pool, Balancer Pool, and Delta Token Balancer without being exploited by any attack vector. Everything is connected in self feeding cycles that reduce volatility and increase upward price pressure. Deflation causes positive price pressure, opportunities for arbitrage, and added volume. Each time arbitrage happens it creates more volume and deflation. More funds will be implemented to give options to all investors. Statera helps the ecosystem function more fluidly, while the ecosystem helps Statera increase in value.

It is possible to imagine to predict a future where Statera is added to many financial instruments to give them sound monetary policy. This could be deflationary loans, deflationary NFTs, deflationly savings accounts, and tools beyond our imagination. We also see a future when Statera becomes the worlds first deflationary currency, synergizing and pushing forward the whole ecosystem. Statera aims to be a counterbalance to all the inflation and devaluation of assets we see in the world. The added branding and marketing alone, that could come from being the worlds first global deflationary currency, cannot be underestimated. Certainly one of the stronger value-add propositions on the future of Statera.

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