The diary of my soul 2

By Ozemi perezalmonte | short novels | 1 Mar 2022


While you swear love to me and offer yourself to another, when you tell me I love you while compliments are for others,I really don't know why you do it, it's something stupid and irritating, this constant uncertainty and annoyance of my sixth sense.
Yes sixth sense because if you already did it who assures me that you will not do it again, of course nobody assures me and even so this masochist told you yes, if she said yes and although now she thinks about it she will go ahead and accept your humiliations for May my children have a happy ending, even though mine is full of lies and deceit.
Believe me I don't cry for you anymore, I don't waste my time in tears on someone who doesn't deserve it,
so I better focus on me and only me. Life is that simple and you don't know how simple it is because you can get lost along the way. It usually happens very often; that when they hurt you they try to compensate with the famous ring,yes that ring that perhaps every woman wants if someone arrives who occupies that place in the heart.
there is so much false love in the world, there are so many lies and there is always someone who hurts us.
but conchale everything has a start and end point.

You who were my first time, you who were my healer, you who were the one who healed my wounds, you gave me pain. Between the lies and the secrets, I lost my guidance completely between everything else you gave me hope along the way.



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Ozemi perezalmonte
Ozemi perezalmonte

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short novels
short novels

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