From the Pacific to the Atlantic: Part 2/10

By SonderSight | Shilling God Willing | 18 Apr 2021

Honestly, this series is just a nice break from reading to see some nature shots out in the world. Same goes with the NFTs I made over on OpenSea. Photography goes brrrr (ó﹏ò。) Have a nice weekend to all the souls out there! ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

#11: Peeking Sun

Peeking Sun

Look up in the sky and more likely than not, you'll see the sun's rays shining down upon you. Billions of others will be doing the exact same at this very moment. We see so little.

#12: Church


Old Town with old buildings. An oddity to the city life.

#13: Small Town


Small home. Picturesque on the outside, but would it really be nice to live inside? 

#14: Meadow's Sea


The Green Mile.

#15: Turbulent Seas

Turbulent Seas

Families were having picnics below. Now this place would be a nice weekend getaway. 

#16: Succulent Sea

Succulent Sea

Spiders living in their Succulent Sea with the help of their Salty Breeze.

#17: Overexposed Heaven

Overexposed Reality

What our eyes can't see.

#18: Exposed


What we choose to believe.

#19: Setting Sun Highway

Sunset Road

Down it goes, day by day.

#20: 1

Road to the Sun

It's the one thing we can always trust to see.

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