Chainbinders' Investment Strategy

By SonderSight | Shilling God Willing | 18 Apr 2021

Honestly, the main strategy with any wealth building asset be it derivatives, art, or cryptocurrency is just to hold them as they accumulate wealth. Or at least, that's a very simple way to describe my plan going in with $BND within Chainbinders. ༼ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽ 

If you would like to learn more about the story behind Chainbinders, feel free to read my previous article about it. Click on Lenny to see ---->( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 



The reason being is that $BND is a deflationary coin with a hard cap at however much is minted by the end of this month. That alone isn't enough; luckily, $BND are also like Pokémon card packs that just get better as they age. How's that possible? I'll explain, the ETH invested into minting goes into the NFTs that you obtain within the pack of cards, in this case the gacha machine. And then, when someone burns their NFT to redeem the ETH inside, they contribute to a larger pool for those who held the line. That means your profit only increases the longer you hold $BND & their respective NFTs. Here's the link where you can mint your own $BND on their official site: https://chainbinders.degacha.com/mint 

Burn Baby Burn!


$BND Goes Brrrr!


Thanks to all the Whales who have invested into the project, it's already a guarantee that you'll likely see a wonderful return on burning your NFTs. Just under $8million of ETH have already been invested to mint $BND. A small investor could mint a few dozen or a few hundred $BND to partake in a sort of Crypto Robinhood where you're eligible to earn from this gamified ETH redistribution of wealth. I plan to hold onto my $BND for awhile. There's a 50% that you'll earn an NFT with ETH inside; however, your chance only goes up if there happens to be a set amount of commons that are all taken in a month or so by the time you roll. That's speculation on my part, but whatever helps my odds, I'll take! If you would like to really investigate the mathematics behind the algorithms used within the code that went into this project and what the team behind it has to say; go ahead and check out the article that they wrote about it over here: https://medium.com/@dokidoki.finance/introducing-chainbinders-a-next-generation-nft-gacha-experience-en-4eaaa942f329 

P.S. As a sidenote, you'll need to buy a couple of $Azuki to unbind any $BND NFTs down the road, so buying some now would also make for a great investment as I believe most investors will soon be pumping $Azuki once the gacha machine releases early May. ~$Azuki Uniswap~

Oh yah, Paris Hilton's interested in the project it seems lol you could almost feel Nagi's excitement from his-his tweet.


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Shilling God Willing
Shilling God Willing

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