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minig shiba inu

By Alex9093 | Shibaholder93 | 2 Dec 2021

Hi guys,

here is a new article about shiba inu.

My topic is about shiba inu mining, you have several way to mining shiba Inu:

1) with your equipment , but it requiere you some spécifique équipement and an rising electricity bill,you need to purchase expensive equipment, properly configure its work , Mining at home is inconvenient due to increased electricity consumption, as well as due to the high noise level.

2) with web site who pay for get shiba inu free like shibapay.IO , but I tested this way for miming and it takes a lot of time to get tokens, for me not efficient, it is more efficient to watch ads and get shortlinks

3) you can use website cloudmining like, you can get 54000 shiba Inu for free, your free minage works for 30 days , and after that period you have to buy by shiba inu new equipment to get more shiba inu and increase your rates interrest, and if you prefer you can change shiba inu what you gain against litcoin or event dogecoin if you are member of the doge army.

Mine SHIBA with the latest technology equipment and best location choices making it accessible and profitable for everyone

why not dogecoin it can increase again one day even if it droped it since august.

I think shibawork it's a good platform to get some shiba inu for free but it exist only five days ago, i saw also the payment adress like proud of payement sometimes i just have a message that collect uptade when i want collect them and put them on my balance, but until now this cloudminig website works enough well .

In the beginner for free you have the iron pick , it will cost you 60000 shiba after 30 days, it produce 1800 shiba/days

the aluminium pick for 300000shiba for 11400/days  ,the gold pick for 250000shiba for 100000/days, the emerauld pick for 12000000shiba for 600000/days, and the diamon pick for 23000000shiba for 1380000/days

the advantage, whatever the adress you have you van withdrwa your shib on you account, you can withdraw with an ERC20 adress for an amount minimum of 500000 SHIB and 35000 SHIB with an BEP 20 adress.

and about fee with minimal withdraw : 800 shib with a BEP20 adress, and 200000with an ERC20 adress

if you withdraw doge fees are of 1 doge,

for LTC, 0,0001 LTC

and for ETH : 0,001 ETH

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with it you can get 5% of comission for each  your investment plan.

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Hi everyone


Hi, everyone, currently beginner in the cryptocurrency, I'm looking for the money who could grew up in the futur. just three months ago I create my first acount and I would like share my experiences in cryptocurrencie , I'm looking for cryptocurencie without spend so much money and I'll share my issue with you . I think that my topics will be, cryptocurency, shiba inu whose is my favorite token, ,. See you.

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