What is ShayCryptoCoin?
What is ShayCryptoCoin?

By ShayGaming24 | ShayCryptoCoin | 7 Feb 2020

You may have seen the name ShayCryptoCoin flying around recently, but you probably have no clue what it is. This post will outline what SCCN is, what it can be used for, and how you can obtain it.

Token basic information

The token’s name is ShayCryptoCoin. Its contract is on the Tron blockchain, and it operates as a TRC20 token. Its contract address is: TTP81ruqBGfSmh2raNV4uf4btgUxkKnfti. Transaction records can be found on TronScan.

The total supply of the token was initially 1,000,000 but the currency can be burned at any time, and as of the time of writing this post, the total supply is at 999,858.50. The token precision is 2 decimal places.

What can it be used for?

SCCN is a cryptocurrency designed for fast and easy payments within Discord. An SCCN Tipbot is live on Discord, with which users can tip other users SCCN, as well as play multiple casino games to try their luck on multiplying their savings!

SCCN can not only be used for gambling in Discord, but can also be used as payment methods for many gaming competitions! You can find out more at the official Discord server of SCCN – you can join using this invite link.

How can it be stored?

SCCN can then be withdrawn to a Tron wallet, which you can simply install onto your browser. TronLink is a good Tron wallet to get started with – it is a simple Chrome extension which generates you a private key and address where Tron and tokens can be sent. TronLink can be installed on Chrome-based browsers here.


On the Tron blockchain, you must ensure that you always have enough for not only the transaction that you are initiating but also the fees that will be burned with it. If you are playing Tron dApps for example, you must have at least 1 TRX for each transaction (this may vary depending on the type of dApp and its contract complexity).

Where can I get SCCN?

SCCN can be traded on Poloni DEX here. You can also win SCCN from contests and rains in Shay's Crypto Community on Discord. If you stay active on that server, you will most probably be rewarded!


Thanks for reading my first post!

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This blog is about the Tron TRC20 token, ShayCryptoCoin!

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