Now Sell and BUY Bitcoin through 300 different

By shaheer001 | shaheer001 | 12 Sep 2019

I am in crypto since July 2017 and at the moment I have not seen any exchange or platform where I wish to Buy or Sell Bitcoin through multiple electronic payment methods, but recently I have found one best exchange where anyone can Buy and Sell Bitcoin directly to the buyer.


Paxful is a peer to peer market place connecting buyers with the seller and through mutual dealing, you can buy and sell the Bitcoin instantly. Paxful facilitated its customers through 300 plus payment methods. So you can say it is the most popular and favorite trusted Bitcoin exchange. Paxful provides you with a free digital wallet made to help real people. They provide you with a next-generation peer-to-peer marketplace where you can instantly find the right offer to buy and sell bitcoins.

The most interesting and useful thing is that Through this most popular exchange you can also earn free income by selling your Bitcoin and also it has a highly profitable affiliate program too. 

I personally like it as it has 800,000+ happy customers 950,000+ Bitcoin traders and at the moment 12,000+ trusted offers, Must try it as it is free and available worldwide.

One most important thing after signup secures your account through the 2FA verification system.




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