The Pénot Witch Experiment [Art X Blockchain]

The Pénot Witch Experiment [Art X Blockchain]

By Rootdraws | sexpop | 27 Sep 2019

Design your own Witch Character, and direct a 1-3 page comic with that Character.

My current experiment is basically erotic storyboarding for adults. I'm using unique non-fungible tokens to represent unique Original Characters / Art Assets. Comics can then be commissioned for that character from multiple artists, and small storylines will develop surrounding different NFTs. 

#SEXPOP is a library of Unique Tokenized Original Characters / Art Assets.

Commissions can be shared among a collective ecosystem of NSFW Artists, and CCBY4.0 licensing encourages collaborative participation within an Art DAO on 

Tokens can also be traded on Opensea.

High Resolution Digital Prints are on MakersPlace. [these prints are MakersPlacev2 tokens, I believe.]

Read more about the project, or participate the campaign here

If you prefer to participate by paying in ETH, you can do so here: 


Then send me an email and we'll sort you out. 

Kyle Jacobs [Root.]


This blog is part of a longer series where I outline the steps that I'm taking to meld my independently run comics business with Collectivized Ethereum DAOs and Non-Fungible Tokens.

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Erotic Comics Artist and Crypto Learner


#SEXPOP is a Decentralized Autonomous Art Collective that focuses on NSFW Comics and Original Character designs. Right now, I'm focusing on Unique and experimental uses for non-fungible tokens, and artwork within the ethereum ecosystem.

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