Ether Legends Blockchain Collectible Trading Card Game

Ether Legends Blockchain Collectible Trading Card Game

By Sergi Pantoja | Sergi Crypto Reviews | 21 Oct 2019

What is Ether Legends?

Ether Legends is a decentralized digital collectible trading card game that combines physical trading cards with the innovative use of blockchain technology. Each physical card has a QR code in the back allowing players to redeem them online; when a physical card is crafted, a digital copy of it is created in the blockchain waiting for the owner to claim it. Each digital trading card is a unique ERC-721 token giving players the true digital ownership of their in-game content, these can be traded, even in external NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or won as in-game rewards.
Since Ether Legends uses Ethereum blockchain technology, all transactions are publicly available and verifiably, counterfeit resistant, and not subject to the risk of institucional processing.


Elementeum (ELET)

Elementeum can be seen as the in game currency, it is an ERC-20 token embedded into the Ether Legends digital ecosystem. ELET is an utility token used for Ether Legends related actions like playing or hosting matches and tournaments, claiming rewards, transactions and to forge unique digital crypto-collectibles.
Elementeum represents a player's power up capacity, this combined with ethereal power can unleash a character's greatest strength and special ability.
Those who hold Elementeum, hold the power!



Each character card start at level 0, to level them up players can choose to use experience they earn while playing matches, increasing the power of the card. Character cards have a set of attributes: hit points, defense, strike, evasion, healing and a rate of effectivity and players have the possibility to allocate additional points there. Additionally, each character card has a unique special ability, including Legendary cards that also have additional special features. Ethereal power, which is obtained by defeating opponents, represents the experience earned by the player. Each match is expected to last for about 10 minutes because of it fast paced style gameplay.


One of the main utilities of Elementeum is forging. Collectibles, rewards and loots are classified by its rarity: Common (silver), Rare (blue), Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold). Forging consists in combining any of these items with other collectibles, including character cards.

The Amulets

The Ether Legends Creator's Amulets are ERC-1155 assets that gives holders powerful benefits and possibilities of generous rewards.
Below are listed the holding rewards of each amulet:

- Creator's Amulet of Elementeum
Claim one random set character card. Every 1000 ELET held, claim cooldown is reduced by 1 day, with a maximum of 3 days of cooldown (if you hold 27000 ELET)

- Creator's Amulet of Fire
Claim one random gem item card every 3 days. These cards can be equiped to any item except companions

- Creator's Amulet of Earth
Claim one random item card every 4 days. These cards can only be equiped to "Man" characters.

- Creator's Amulet of Water
Claim one random item card every 5 days. In this case, these are only for "Beast" characters.

- Creator's Amulet of Air
Claim one companion item card every 6 days.

- Elemental Master
Title for the ones that managed to collect each one of the amulets.

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What else?

If you are interested in the game but you don't have the money or want to get some assets before investing in it, join Telegram giveaways channel. Our giveaways range from really quick Telegram games every day to weekly events and fun trivias.

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ERC-20 tokens
ERC-721 and ERC- 1155

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