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By senattor | senattor | 20 May 2020



Hello dear friends!

I was born in the USSR, although I did not live in the Soviet Union for long, the union fell apart. And the memories of my life at that time, I only had positive ones. And in today's review we will focus on the Metallurgical Plant, which at one time was the third largest and in terms of output in the USSR. The plant was built in 1869, located in the city of Sulinburg. Suddenly I was sent on a business trip from the institute to this metallurgical plant (by the way he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner - it was a very honorable order).  


It was a rich metallurgical plant, right now I remember how the work was in full swing at it, how everything rattled everywhere. In the open-hearth workshops where steel was melted, it was always especially noisy and hot, but very interesting. This metallurgical plant was a small city. It even happened that I was completely lost inside this huge factory. But there was always a railway to my rescue, which somehow led me to the "true path."  


It was an interesting business trip. But this is not about that. More recently, many years later, I had to visit this Metallurgical Plant again. I approached the main abandoned checkpoint, where there were always a lot of cars and a lot of people, but now I was alone and not a single soul was nearby. I went to the checkpoint and realized that things were bad. I took a photo of the gatehouse. Here it is, but the Order of the Red Banner still weighs on the wall.  


I went through an abandoned post block and was shocked when I saw a very large forest and a couple of destroyed buildings instead of the Metallurgical Plant.So, dear friends, I took a couple of interesting photos and decided to share them with you.

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A tear rolled from my eyes, from what I saw .. It's a shame.


Having walked through a ruined, abandoned factory, in the distance I saw abandoned concrete engravings consisting of figures of people who were dealing with the factory. This is basically a working class. A very interesting work of a forgotten master. Friends, see for yourself this forgotten memory.




All health and profit.

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