How to get $50 worth of EOS Tokens

How to get $50 worth of EOS Tokens

Everyone loves getting free stuff and the same applies to getting free cryptocurrency. Whether it from completing social media tasks to get that airdrop sent to your wallet, retweeting some projects promotion on Twitter or playing with Faucets to get micropayments every hour. That why most of us have ended up on Publish0x, the lure of getting free Loopring or maybe its the Dai that peaks your intrest

First an introduction. 

In 2018 the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase bought in a deal worth more than $100 million. was a U.S. startup that used the blockchain for its paid-email service. 

Coinbase then appointed co-founder and CEO of, Balaii Srinivasan, as its first Chief technology officer. While the rest of the staff was to transfer over to the Coinbase team. In December 2018 Coinbase launched Coinbase Earn, a similar concept to You got paid in Bitcoin for completing tasks and receiving emails. 

Around February 2019 Coinbase officially closed down and requested all account holders withdraw any Bitcoin held in their account be transferred to their Coinbase account. Coinbase Earn allows user to earn cryptocurrencies, while learning about them in a simple and engaging way. The idea is for users to understand more about an asset's utility and it's underlying technology, while getting a bit of the asset to try out.


EOSIO is a protocol/program designed for fast and free Blockchain applications. There are 3 ways of accessing the free EOS tokens.

#1 Use the referral link and you do not have an existing Coinbase account.

#2 Use the referral link and you already have an active Coinbase account.

#3 You do not wish to use the referral link but would still like to get the free EOS tokens.

1 Using the referral link takes you to the following page where you are invited to join Coinbase Earn. You will need to click on Create an Account and follow all the steps to create a Coinbase account. It is a relatively quick and easy process these days. It took my wife 10 minutes to create and get her account verified. You will need one form of identification and your address needs to match what is linked to the identification. As you are not buying cryptocurrency you will not need to add a credit/debit card.

Create Account

Once your Coinbase account has been verified. Login in and on the Home page scroll down to the bottom of the page till you see Earn free crypto with Coinbase Earn banner. Click on the blue button Earn crypto

Click the blue button Get started. Depending on demand at the time you may get put on a waitlist. I have found that referrals generally don't have to wait as long existing customers. It usually is about a 2 day to 2 week wait. They are meant to send you an email advising you are now invited but that doesn't always happen and I would advise you check regularly by logging into Coinbase and go to the Coinbase Earn banner on the home page.


Ones you get in you will be able to do 5 relative easy lessons that will teach you about the basics of EOS l. After watching each video you will be asked to answer a basic question. Each correct answer will reward you with $2 each. Up to $10 worth of EOS tokens

Invite Friends for more profit

Your referrals can be too new or existing customers. You can invite more than 4 friends or people in your networks but only the first 4 referrals will count towards the Coinbase earn rewards. You can use the Share button or you can just copy and paste the referral link.

Each person that completes the short videos and questions will reward you with $10 worth of EOS token. Coinbase earn does have more cryptocurrencies to try For example, Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payment systems. Learn how it works and you can earn up to $50 Xlm as well. This also holds 5 questions and 4 references to get you a total of $50 worth of Xlm


Using the referral link takes you to the same page as in Method 1 but as you are already an existing Coinbase customer you just need to click on Sign in to Coinbase. Once you have logged in, you scroll down to the Coinbase Earn banner on the home page. Then just follow the rest of the steps as described in Method 1. this way you'll will be rewarded the same amount in the end. It just doesn't register as someone's referral. 


Obviously this post is totally selfish as it works in my advantage if you were to use my referral links. But you can still access the free cryptocurrency by creating an account with Coinbase yourselves. 

I do apologise in advance to any one who might feel I have skipped on information about the Cryptocurrencies. I did this deliberately as I wanted to leave something for you when you watch the educational videos. I have found all the videos on Earn very easy to follow, even for some one with no to little interest in cryptocurrencies.

I hope you found this article, about how to get about $50 worth of EOS tokens, interesting. I do enjoy informing people about cryptocurrency opportunities. 

All feedback is greatly appreciated don't be to harshly:). Stay safe and healthy in these times of surrow, until next read


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