Quick reviews of Airdrops and Crypto Offers

Quick reviews of Airdrops and Crypto Offers

By mtbt | ScamBuster | 5 Jan 2021


Lately, we're being flooded with new crypto offers and airdrops.
A lot of them look very promising and legit.
Are they as good as they sound?
Let's check!





There's one service that everyone knows and that gives a fair crypto injection, and it's obviously Coinbase. The airdrop campaigns featured on a page give the user a considerable amount of cash, just by answering to easy quiz questions and optionally sending a few referrals. You don't even need a full KYC verification to take part in most of the campaigns. I highly recommend using this website for starting your journey with a guaranteed crypto in your pocket.


Register on Coinbase




Two crypto giants presented to us a shared campaign, resembling Coinbase Earn. CoinMarketCap Earn offers a multitude of campaigns to participate in by solving simple quizzes. Their venture is a bit inferior to the Coinbase one, though. Firstly, it requires an account on both CoinMarketCap and Binance sites and a KYC verification on the latter. Secondly, the cryptocurrency is not being paid immediately after the completion, but after the campaign ends. On the other hand, some campaigns offer higher earnings to randomly chosen winners. Give it a try, if you're not paranoid about giving your personal information to Binance.

4.5/5 STARS

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CoinMarketCap Earn subpage




Free-Litecoin offers a free Litecoin lottery every hour and a bunch of gambling games. They all seem legit, but as with all the gambling, it poses some risk to the user. Don't expect easy earnings like with the previous ones. It is however a nice way to get a few pennies. The withdrawal minimum value is average, currently standing on 0.004 Litecoins with a 0.001 network fee. It doesn't collect any sensitive information. Just your nickname, password, litecoin adress and e-mail.


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We're moving on to the sketchy ones! Don't get me wrong, Hashtrust isn't as bad as some frustrated people portray it. It doesn't collect any sensitive information. The withdrawal amount is pretty high, though. With minimum 50k HTX withdrawal, it can make some people shocked as it only gives you 25 HTX daily. However, there is also an option of two-hourly Ethereum satoshis withdrawal. With a few days, it's possible to reach the minimum value of 10k Ethereum satoshi. If you want to use the page, use mainly the ETH functionality.


Register on Hashtrust (Risky!)


I will post more of reviews soon! Hope you like them <3!


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