How to buy Amazon gift card in cheap price.

How to buy Amazon gift card in cheap price.

By saykot | Saykot's Blog | 16 Mar 2020

We all know that Amazon is a great online-company especially known for its online shopping. There were an estimated 103 million U.S. Amazon Prime subscribers. And it increasing day by day.

You or I or any of your friends, relatives, neighbors all of them are not only familiar with amazon online shopping but also some of them do shopping regularly.
Amazon shopping has great opportunities to make online shopping easier. Today we will talk about some tricks that can help you to save some $,
to do more shopping in amazon.

Amazon gift cards:

There is a big opportunity to buy or selling gift cards online.

  You can find some sites on the internet like raise, CardCash, card pool, gift card granny, card kangaroo, etc.these sites are easy to use, trusted and reliable payment options.

Most of them deal with Bitcoin. You can save up to 2- 5 %. If you buy bulk,
you can save huge amounts.
Most of them work like the same. Like if we talk about

card cash



In CardCash you can buy, sell or trade gift cards at a discount price. At the top, you can type and search the name of a specific gift card, enter the amount for the card that you need, and then click the search for cards button. You can also scroll through a list of retailers in the buy gift cards section. You can find a lot of offers discounts at different stores. Some of the stores have up to 20% discounts.

When you find a card that you need, click the Buy button or the Add to Cart button and proceed to checkout. You're prompted to create an account with the site if you don't already have one. The payment can be paid via credit card, PayPal, other gift cards, or Bitcoin.  


Buy a Gift Card on Raise

Image result for raise gift cards

In Raise, you can buy a gift card by browsing the available stock. The site allows you to choose between receiving a card by mail and getting it electronically.

Choose a Card

Select the card and amount you want to purchase. At the shopping cart, click the Proceed to Checkout button. You’re asked to create an account at the site, which you confirm via email. You then pay by credit card.

NOTE: You can find lots of websites like these sites. Most of them have the same buy-sell process.

Pros :
* Easy to buy, reliable payment options.
* Topsites are trusted.
* Work automatically (no need of phone calls or any other home delivery) 

Cons :
* Stock limited. Always you need to search up for your favorite store's gift card.
* Some time delivery gets delayed.

These sites get these gift cards from those people who don't need their granny or uncle gift cards and those people who need some money for their unwanted gift cards. 
We know that you can't save a lot of money by these sites but you can surely save some that could help you a burger or coffee.

It goes a popular way to buy gift cards at a discount price. Now we dig up and talk about a more effective way to save more money.


Both sites are the p2p escrow platform. People came from all over the work using them for their own benefits.
You can find all kinds of currency and payment options in theirs.
These sites have a moderator who justifies transactions whenever need.
Many gift card resellers use these 2 sites for buy-sell gift cards.  
Both sites dealing with bitcoin ( In these site's main currency is bitcoin. you need bitcoin for buying anythings in these sites)

Today we will only talk about Paxful. Founded in 2015 with offices in multiple cities around the world (HQ is in the US)


Paxful is a big marketplace for buying any currency online.

If you go to sell the bitcoin section you can see that you can buy 100+ payment options in many currencies. Every store's or any payment processor, you can buy from Paxful using just bitcoin.
Here you can also buy bitcoin using any of your gift cards or online payment processor.


Now, we talk about how its work and how can we save huge amounts of money by Paxful

At Paxful click sell bitcoin and you can find all the store's offers and their rates.
Then select amazon from any payment option method and select what currency you need
(you can find USD, GRB, EURO, INR and so on). Click as you need.



After you enter the page you can find many confusing things.

In the seller name, there are many things like
1. Seller positive review.
2. last time of active
3. payment option ( that you are buying)
4. selling offer tags  
5. selling limit
6. how much(in %) you are making a profit


7. Bitcoin price if you buy from this seller.

If you click to sell button you can see the calculating profits.



At calculating page you can find all the profit merging, how much you get ad how much you gonna pay and seller requirements.
Paxful will cut 2% fees for transsection. 
Since we know Paxful is a p2p is an escrow platform.
If you like seller requirements and seller profile then you can buy.
After clicking the buy button they will lock your bitcoin and you see a chatroom.
You knock them, they will reply. You talk with them then after they gave you a gift card's
code then, you will release the bitcoin.


  Yeap these all things kinda starkly. But it upgrading day by day for making it easy for new users. But math is clear. Let me clear,   If you are buying from Paxful you can buy a 500$ amazon gift card at 300$ Bitcoin. And a 100$ amazon gift card at 70$ Bitcoin. And a 50$ amazon gift card at 35$-40$Bitcoin.   Note: It's all an estimated calculation.  Paxful people's from all over the world using it for their own use and their own country currency.

3rd thing about some social network market-place

bitcoin talk 

If you know about Bitcoin you. I am 1000% sure known about bitcointalk. Its a forum site, where people discuss their problems, news, plans, etc.

There is a section where people can buy sell online stuff at a reasonable price.
scrnli_2_14_2020_11-52-45%2BPM.png   You can find a lot of offers in there.All over the world publish their stuff's rate's for trading.
You can message and start bargaining.
(as it's an open-source, many scammers in this market-place, they use new updated way for scamming. Try to buy stuff from a legendary user and must check their profile and status before can also use escrow. Some trusted user doing this escrow things just for small fees

There are many sources of buying gift cards. But most of them are confusing and have chances of getting scammed.
You need to be alart for buying or selling them.


hi..i am saykot.always wanna know about crypto.

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