The Bitboy Saga - Reinforcing My Primary Objective Of Independent Income Generation

By Sapphire Crypto | Sapphire Crypto | 31 Aug 2023

Never A Dull Market

Guys like Ben Armstrong tend to attract a lot of attention and purposely draw attention to themselves. This is straight out of the YouTube influencer playbook. After all, it works well for their business model. It’s not a model I find appealing at all. It’s one I have gone out of my way to avoid. Essentially, the content I create is not designed to reach a majority audience. I avoid hype and usually am on the lookout for what will eventually become hype. I am not trying to gain readers. I am looking to “thin the crowd”.

Most are unable to process this, or even make sense of it. Firstly, why would I willingly choose to be on the opposite side of popular narratives, understandings, and practices? Simply because I am here to impart, and help others along their journey. I am not under compulsion to satisfy any agenda, crowd, or narrative. Essentially, this boils down to independence, a model I have encouraged and advocated for a very long time. When I look at some of the ridiculous “battles” that emerge within various Crypto communities, I just walk the other way.

I have adopted and advocated an independent model for the simple reason that it spares one unnecessary drama, amongst other things. The life of a typical influencer is the epitome of a fake existence. Everything is done and said for a reaction. There is no real substance at all. Current news happenings are simply being rehashed over and over with the additional spice of unique allurement inherent to the influencer in question. Not very palatable to any individual of substance, character, and depth. These are the readers I hope to attract.

The content creator who derives a full-time living from the production of content is always at the mercy of the crowd. Eventually, he is ruled by them. Their satisfaction and dissatisfaction dictate his behavior. He is a slave living under the illusion of control. I avoid these types of business models. Ultimately, the highest degree of independence occurs in the open market. The best way to leverage this opportunity is by trading, and a solid trading skill set can go a long way to making this an extremely viable alternative.

A trader pleases nobody, gets paid by nobody, and monetizes nothing. He uses knowledge and skill to extract value from the market. He is not paid, he extracts value… a massive difference. Being paid always signifies pleasing someone or something, in terms of a person/persons, entity, or algorithm. Independence only exists when this is no longer the case. Much like decentralization, it occurs in varying degrees. However, the pursuit of true independence is at the heart of technological advancement and is fast becoming more and more attainable.

Independence Comes At A Cost

Utilizing and leveraging “opportunities” is somewhat different from being “employed” or satisfying an audience. Very few creators impart. They simply create what people want. This simply creates echo chambers. Creators I respect are those producing informative and data-driven content, regardless of how it will be received. If a creator “gives the people what they want” as opposed to what they need, he’s simply another voice in the choir. This is especially true when dealing with financial markets.

There’s a cost to being relevant. Most people only realize relevance when it is no longer relevant, but an established outcome. Something is only relevant when it can be helpful. Once that moment passes, so does its relevance. There have been so many scenarios over the past two years. I remember addressing Solana during the FTX collapse. My “unpopular” approach was to short SOL all the way down to below $10 and then go long. Go and pull up a SOL chart. Hindsight will tell you that this was the most effective strategy to implement.


Funnily enough, the influencers of the choir were saying that Solana was dead and that anyone buying SOL was wasting their time. However, SOL is still ranked in the Top 10. I can refer to numerous situations like this. I wrote about Taraxa recently, long before the pump happened. Nobody knew about or was talking about Taraxa. Go on to Twitter now, and see what’s going on. Now everyone is bullish on SOL again, and Taraxa is the next 100X that everyone needs to get it on.

Relevance takes place in isolation, not in the crowd. Most people live their entire lives seeking to be part of a crowd. I couldn’t be bothered. Likes, upvotes, and earnings are not my primary objective, accuracy is. When my analysis and viewpoints are proven accurate, I have received the highest level of payment and validation. Not a single reader has the power to validate me or tear me down. Hindsight is my validation, based on truth and reality. I endeavor to accurately interpret the market, not create content, it’s simply a byproduct.


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Final Thoughts

The truly successful artists are those who create void of the commercial aspect. Their creations are authentic and not fashioned by society, and the crowd at large. It’s from this position of authenticity that meaningful creation takes place. Much of the content online today is pretty much a desperate plea for likes and attention. In many instances, even a level of prostitution. I don’t subscribe to this flaky model.

If my content is helpful, I am glad. If not, there’s a big world out there. I share my journey as a way to help and support newcomers. I am not here to tickle ears, we have enough of those. All the best, enjoy the journey, and remain focused!


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Sapphire Crypto

Interesting views, news, opinions and all things Crypto. Independent and honest assessments of Crypto projects and earning opportunities within the space. Opinions are my own and not financial advice.

Sapphire Crypto
Sapphire Crypto

Interesting views, news, opinions and all things Crypto. Independent and honest assessments of Crypto projects and earning opportunities within the space. Opinions are my own and not financial advice.

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