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By Sapphire Crypto | Sapphire Crypto | 26 Mar 2022

It’s A Great Idea

If you are vegan or know someone that is vegan, you will be aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to get hold of decent and authentic vegan products. This is not only a problem of availability but also misinformation. Many restaurateurs are coming around to the idea of incorporating vegan meals into their menus. However, many are also ignorant of what veganism actually is. One of the most common issues you may encounter is that an item is classified as vegan and yet contains ingredients such as eggs, or mayonnaise. This happens a lot more often than you might think. Ignorance is still quite prevalent when it comes to actually understanding what constitutes a meal being vegan. The Vegan Nation app currently informs users of vegan outlets in their area. This can be extremely helpful when traveling. As a tourist, it can be challenging to find your way around, let alone find a restaurant that serves vegan food.


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Vegan Nation simultaneously introduces vegans to the world of Cryptocurrency. If you ever wondered how vegans can earn Crypto just by being vegan then Vegan Nation is an opportunity you should definitely explore. Crypto rewards aside though, it is also quite helpful, which is exactly why I decided to check it out!

Downloading The App

The first thing that I noticed when downloading the app was that it was not very well utilized. This was a bit disappointing as I think it is quite a good idea and can really help solve a very real challenge and problem that exists within the vegan world. I immediately scuttled over to their Twitter account and found that it is still active with relevant and current updates, which is at least a good sign. It can sometimes be rather difficult for projects “outside” of the Crypto space to gain initial traction. The app is very straightforward and easy to navigate.

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The wallet section has a points wallet, as well as the GreenCoin wallet and a wallet connected to your banking card. Payments can be made with typical QR codes. GRNC can also be sent to other users via an internal transfer, which is also quite helpful. The UI is very clean and easy to understand and navigate.

The GreenCoin Token

GRNC is an ERC20 token, which is a bit of a disappointment due to the exorbitant gas fees on the Ethereum network. However, in time this is likely to pose not much of an issue. EIP-1559 did little to alleviate high gas fees but ETH 2.0 should have a more favorable outcome. The token is currently traded on two centralized exchanges, being Bittrex and Liquid. The price of GRNC at the time of writing is $0.20 and has an all-time high of $0.79. Upon downloading the app I received 50 points which is the equivalent of 5 GRNC. The following day I received another 20 points (2 GRNC) for just browsing around the app. At least this is what I suspect, as I made no purchases or typical interactions that would generally trigger some type of compensation or reward.

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Points that are earned can be exchanged for GRNC once a user reaches 1000 points or more. Users can also choose to hold their GRNC in their wallet until such a time as ETH fees drop or the token is available on another chain such as BEP20 or Polygon. The latter has been a trend of late for many ERC20-based tokens. Projects require solutions and interoperability is one very important solution to high gas fees.

Final Thoughts

I really like the idea here and believe that it has the potential to be foundational in terms of building and facilitating further enhanced features. As a vegan, this app can definitely come in handy in terms of simplifying your search for vegan stores and restaurants. As a Crypto lover, it offers users the opportunity to accumulate some free GRNC, which could possibly be worth a lot more down the line. It’s a great idea and I hope to see more vegans becoming aware of and utilizing Vegan Nation!


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Sapphire Crypto

Interesting views, news, opinions and all things Crypto. Independent and honest assessments of Crypto projects and earning opportunities within the space. Opinions are my own and not financial advice.

Sapphire Crypto
Sapphire Crypto

Interesting views, news, opinions and all things Crypto. Independent and honest assessments of Crypto projects and earning opportunities within the space. Opinions are my own and not financial advice.

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