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Passive Income - The Ultimate Move

By Sapphire | Sapphire Crypto | 2 Mar 2023

Ongoing Project

As I discussed in my latest post, choosing rather to create Crypto income models, as opposed to relying on speculation/price appreciation is definitely the superior path to travel, in my opinion. Regular readers will be aware that passive income has been a passion of mine for many years. This has been something that I have been exploring since 2008. My early days consisted mostly of dividend-paying stocks, trading, and other online models.

In retrospect, I can confidently say that nothing comes anywhere close to the opportunities that exist within the Crypto space. There is just no comparison. Yes, one can diversify one’s risk by gaining some exposure to stocks and other investment vehicles. However, I consider these allocations to be more of a hedge, rather than an investment that is going to go on to generate significant returns.

Recently, I addressed my interest in tokenized real estate, and at this stage am yet to make my move. I am looking to begin edging into this sector in a very small way in the coming months. There are discounts available at the moment, but I believe there is still room for further depreciation, prior to a correction. Some might wonder why I am looking at real estate, as I have always been rather opposed to this investment vehicle.

It all really comes down to an asset class that appreciates modestly over time, along with daily rental income. In the case of tokenized real estate, the rental income is daily, and so provides an avenue of essentially having capital on hand. Another benefit is liquidity! Tokens can be bought and sold on an online marketplace in a similar way that typical Crypto tokens are bought and sold on exchanges.

At the end of the day, It’s really just a small hedge, that may in time become more significant. I am likely to just compound my rental income by purchasing more real estate tokens and just letting it compound over time. It’s always good to have capital at hand for rainy days, or alternative investment opportunities.

Primary Focus

However, ideas such as tokenized real estate and others are definitely not my primary focus. I have been building income models within the Crypto sector for some time, and am looking to grow and increase this element of my own personal “investment strategy”. Many of these models also require the investment of time, and not necessarily capital, which is also a great encouragement.

This is particularly attractive if your passion exceeds your pocket! Sometimes one doesn’t necessarily have additional capital to put to work, so applying time and effort to projects that function in this manner is a good move. Crypto income models are key to securing an ongoing form of income, or passive income. Regardless of what transpires in regard to market conditions, it’s a secure form of income, which is becoming essential for many.

Being well positioned in terms of income models is extremely important, as a fresh bull market will naturally produce heightened gains. This ultimately produces multiplication and provides even more capital that can essentially be put to work. I know many investors have their eyes set on HBD and would love to have some surplus capital to allocate. Speculation is a dynamic that only functions on a part-time basis.

During a bear market, there is no appreciation. If you are willing to attempt catching the inevitable bull traps, you may get lucky! However, bear markets are often incident related, and so become extremely difficult to navigate. Income models generally operate 24/7 and so offer a steady source of income and reliability. The great thing is… it’s always time to build, which means that spare time and surplus income can be maximized for the future!

As long as I am expanding, I am moving forward, and that means that my future passive and residual income is growing, especially as price appreciation within the Crypto sector continues to increase over time. There is a very important point that needs to be taken into account when considering income models, that will perhaps help motivate investors…


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Faith & Action

If you believe that a particular altcoin is going to experience significant gains in the future then you are going to do whatever you can to accumulate as many coins as you can, correct? The value of a particular coin or token is completely outside of your control. However, you are able to create income models and dedicate yourself to generating additional coins. Why would anyone sit and wait for their bags to grow, when they can work toward increasing those bags?

This is where the creation and implementation of income models become so vitally important. Those who really have a conviction will simultaneously do whatever they can to increase their exposure, and passive income models are simply perfect for this endeavor. If you truly believe something, your actions will align with your belief.


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Final Thoughts

This remains an incredibly important part of my own Crypto strategy, as it provides so much long-term value. There are so many instances one can refer to that reveal just how powerful creating income models can be, especially when initiated early on in the journey. It’s often a case of “slow and steady”, but that shouldn’t deter those who are truly motivated to embark on this journey. All the best, and catch you in the next one!


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This article was first published on Sapphire Crypto.



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Sapphire Crypto

Interesting views, news, opinions and all things Crypto. Independent and honest assessments of Crypto projects and earning opportunities within the space. Opinions are my own and not financial advice.

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