The Must Know Editing Programs for your Social Media

The Must Know Editing Programs for your Social Media

By AirI'am | SaltyWritter | 12 Nov 2019

 Hi there!

As someone interested in digital editing, today I’ll be talking about a few programs related to this topic. However, I’ll be focusing solely on programs that are useful when it comes to making content for social media platforms, because for regular photo-editing I’ll always recommend Photoshop.

These programs you can access from your computer, as long as you’ve got connection to internet. In exchange, all of them will help you to create images with optimal quality, which include templates for either: social media, webpages and more. 

Now, let’s begin!



Status: Free, somewhat limited. Has a paid version.

Works with graphics, video and it allows you to make stuff for your web-page, too. Out of all the programs in the list, I believe Adobespark has more tools and pros than cons. It goes without saying, but I recommend it a lot.

This one, if remember correctly, can be downloaded from the Play Store as well. I’m more comfortable working from my computer, thus I’ve only tested the web version so far; however, if you like working from your tablet/phone, then check it out!

Pros: very easy to manage, lots of (FREE) cool fonts and shapes to give personality to your texts, a ‘style’ feature with suggestions in case you need a helping hand while designing, templates you can tamper with and make your own, a gallery full of free images you can use without fearing copyright, auto-save feature and more.

Cons: the logo feature is paid, and you must remove the site watermark manually (unless you’re a paid user.)



Status: 100% Free.

This one is very simple, but the results look very professional. I recommend it for advertising.

Pros: allows you to upload your own logo, no imposed watermark, has a free-image gallery, suggests colors akin the image you use for your texts, has a re-size feature.

Cons: very basic, offers a limited number of filters only and the same can be said about the fonts (even so, they’re all aesthetically pleasing), the re-size feature works only with the templates proportioned by the site, and there are only three templates for social media sites (pinterest, instagram and twitter/facebook that appear as one).



Status: Free version somewhat limited. Has a paid version called Canvas Work.

I like this one due to its flexibility. It goes beyond social media and web-page formats; you can make from logos to flyers here!

Pros: auto-save for your designs, has LOTS of options for templates which also include nearly ALL of social media (incluiding tumblr and youtube), you can create ‘teams’ consisting in more than one person and work together, etc. The limit is your own creativity.

Cons: no filters and some of the images and extras aren’t free, these come with a watermark you can remove for 1$ (thankfully, you can find lots of cool images that ARE free, so no need to cry a river); some of the features like the re-size need for you to get Canvas Work.



Status: Free.

You can transform your images in video and even add sounds! This site 100% social media oriented, but as an interesting plus it offers sizes from A4 to A5 and business card as well.

Pros: saving feature, re-size tool, icons, lots of cool fonts (you can even upload your own!), a free-images gallery, nice filters and cool extra stuff, like ALL of emojis and an 'Instagram' feature (you get to play with stuff to make your post look instagram-like)

Cons: limited number of filters and well, there’s a small bug in firefox regarding the scrollbar. 


And that'd be it. Adobespark aside, I'm particularly fond of Canva and Artstudio, but it's up to you to decide. Will you give any of these a try?

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