Steemit: new hope or game over?

Steemit: new hope or game over?

By AirI'am | SaltyWritter | 20 Feb 2020

This may be old news for the Steemit community, but just a few days ago– in San Valentine, nor less, a bombshell was dropped on the users of the first decentralized social media ever launched.

We were sold.

Or rather, Steemit was.

It was announced via Twitter that Steemit would be passing to the ownership of Justin Sun, founder of TRON. And while chaos doesn’t comprise a 99% of the platform– mainly because I don’t think they are even aware of all this, I can assure half of the users are either anxious or confused, or both.

I’m more on the confused side. Apparently, many ambiguous and somewhat contradictory statements, on the pertinent changes to take place now that Steemit has been acquired by Justin, have been going on. I’ve been told the post containing the ‘new guideline’ was deleted after a massive outrage, which is concerning in a way. Will the Steemit community be put at ease in the near future? Will their fears become true?

Only time will tell.

However, the Head of Communications for Steemit posted (finally) what’s meant to be a soothing statement. Whether or not you believe his words, he’s just trying to placate the situation, or he does believe this and his hopes might be shattered along with ours, well… that’s another story entirely.

After Narrative’s sunset, I’m somewhat numb to all these happenings, but as part of the Steemit community I’m no less concerned. Albeit, and I’ll be honest here, I’m more concerned about my stacked Steem than anything else. I’m in a situation where my earnings are top priority, after all.

Am I too worried to kept me from functioning properly? Surprisingly not.

With the passing of months, more and more crypto-rewarding sites and social media have launched. i.e: we got Brave, the first crypto-rewarding browser, for artists we got Creary, there’s Coil as well, recently Voice beta has been launched, etc.

Sure, none of them have been going on for as long as Steemit has, but they’re a solid proof that this isn’t the world’s end.

There are options out there for us, let’s go grab ‘em.


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