Self-Destructing Era

Self-Destructing Era

By AirI'am | SaltyWritter | 15 Nov 2019

The latest trend in social media is ‘how to self-destruct’, it seems.

Last year, it was Tumblr who made a fool of itself in their attempt of getting rid of the sex bots and pornographic content, a noble cause that became a viral joke thanks to their ridiculous algorithm. I think everyone heard of the massive flagging of posts that had nothing to do with the cause.

This year, along with Narrative, YouTube jumps on board the self-destruct wagon with their changes on their new police.

Now, I won’t be too harsh on YouTube, mainly because they DID try their best. That said, despite having lose the fight, at least had the decency of giving heads-ups months beforehand.

For these who don’t know, YouTube got into trouble thanks to COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). What happened? YouTube ended collecting minor’s data. Why? Because despite the existence of YouTube Kids, minors still decide still access to the main site. Be it out of free will, through their parents/relative’s accounts, etc.

And because of that, YouTube received an ultimatum, which resulted in this shitstorm. What does this mean? YouTube, despite having their own app for kids, has been forced to jump on the ‘kid-friendly’ wagon to avoid being cancelled.

Does this mean that everyone will be affected? No.

The changes affect mostly to Artists, DIY and handicraft-oriented channels. You probably won’t get taken down; however, if you video gets flagged as kids content, you lose automatically the right to monetize.

Yes, you read right.

Most people don’t mind the fact their videos might be flagged as child-friendly content, but the fact they will be cut off from their source of income. Naturally, many youtubers are displeased by this and now with the approaching deadline, they’re leaving one after another.

As making these videos takes time, effort and, in some cases, money. It’s only natural the people affected resorts to leaving.

Of course, not all it’s bad news! This means sites like Dailymotion, DTube and Vimeo (the latter somewhere down the road became paid, but still) will have a field day, and an influx of new users for sure.

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