New Year: thanks, resolution & goals

New Year: thanks, resolution & goals

By AirI'am | SaltyWritter | 1 Jan 2020


Hi, everyone! Hope you enjoyed/enjoy the holidays with your loved ones– but if you’re like me who likes the quiet, I hope you started 2020 with peace of mind.

| The Bad |

This year has been a rollercoaster for me, in the bad sense if I might add: first being trapped working overtime while getting paid not even four dollars at week, then the electric crisis worsening during the first half of 2019, then my immigrations procedures continuously got delayed and the plan eventually crashed and burned, due to the country I wanted to migrate bursting into a social and political uproar; then the situation in my family home reached the point I want to kill everyone but my holy mother.

| The Good |

However, a few good things happened as well!

I started to make small profit in PTC sites, discovered crypto-rewarding webs such as Steemit, Creary, Publish0x, etc. and started to make content again. I improved (a lot!) in my art, and became able to finish pieces; which I’m grateful for. I also started writing back after almost two years of hiatus.

Despite all the negativity and stress surrounding me all-year, I’m grateful because the good ones became the highlight of my year.

| The Goals |

I hope to become more active this year, both as an artist and as a writer.

I plan to go back, edit and polish my amateur short-novel and get it out of its long hiatus. It was an overly ambitious project to begin, despite being short, but I got more confident after successfully finishing a one-shot series in Ao3 in the past three months. Perhaps I’ll pick it up on February, but only time will be able to tell.

I wish to keep improving my art and upload more pieces, until I develop a steady workflow and become confident enough to open commissions. I also hope to update my social media more often and maybe earn some followers.

A must-do this 2010 will be learning how to make a speedpaint and making room for me to give my first steps in Blender & Adobe After Effects. Not to mention, I have got to come back to practice my vector art in Illustrator.

| End |

It’s the first time I set goals for myself in new year, but these are things I really want to do and I’m just looking for an excuse to give myself an extra push. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do half of these things, but I must try my best!

What about you? Got a goal you want to achieve this 2020?

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