E-wallets #1 Issue: Uphold

E-wallets #1 Issue: Uphold

By AirI'am | SaltyWritter | 4 Apr 2020

For those unaware, Uphold is an e-wallet that works very much like Skrill, Neteller, Zelle, etc. Like many others, its principal purpose is to help you save-up money in a currency of your choice– mainly USD, though you can configure your wallet to stack up EUR, YEN and even more fiat currencies.

Of course, Uphold has integrated cryptocurrency as payment method as well, like many other sites with the passing of years and the grow of crypto. In fact, Uphold provides a wider range of choices when it comes down to cryptocurrency, to the point it has nothing to envy services such as Coinbase and Payeer.

Another advantage Brave Browser users are aware of, is that Uphold allows you to withdraw your earnings from Brave Rewards. Meaning, your income in Brave goes directly to your linked Uphold account, which is pretty neat in my opinion.

Pros: simple interface, easy verification process compared to other e-wallets, many choices for both fiat and crypto wallets, low fees.

Con: if you’re the type of people who hates on a whole platform just because a tiny detail, many of you won’t like Uphold due to its incorporation of the TRON wallet. It’s not a thing that comes set by default or anything– just like the others, you have to enable it first, but if you’re *that* petty then perhaps that’s enough to dissuade you from giving it a go.

You can swap currencies between wallets, too: from fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, gold, etc. Fund your account via debit/credit card and withdraw to your bank account.

Note: take into consideration that your card and bank account must work with the currency you’re cashing out with. i.e: if you’re from Venezuela and try to withdraw funds to your bank account, it won’t pass through because there’s not a single bank working with USD or EUR here.

If you’re Argentinian, you hit the jackpot with Uphold, as it allows you to withdraw in your local currency. Jealousy intended.

For the rest of unlucky people from South America: don’t be sad guys, there’s hope! A couple of years ago, Uphold provided a service of both virtual and physical cards. It was unavailable for a long time BUT, it seems the service will be making a comeback back soon.

You can join the waiting list here, in case you want to apply for one. Don’t forget jutting down your e-mail direction, and verify it on your e-mail feed to successfully get registered!

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