Dtube vs 3Speak (Review)

Dtube vs 3Speak (Review)

By AirI'am | SaltyWritter | 4 Jan 2020

Ever since I joined Steemit, Dtube was there as a substitute for Youtube. Before Youtube had to change their politics to the mess it currently is, I was planning on setting my own Youtube channel (in the, back then, faraway future) for speedpainting. So, I was like: “Cool, I could import my videos to Dtube and earn twice!”

As 2019 progressed, I found out about 3Speak. At first I wasn’t interested, but suddenly I started seeing it popping everywhere; I wondered why. I had already set my Dtube account back then, but as I didn’t have confidence in my art, nor did I know how to record my computer screen, I had yet to upload anything.

Two months ago, I decided to test out both sites. I entered Dtube and I was sorely disappointed by the search engine and lack of content; not to mention, Dtube is heavy and slow to load, especially when it comes down to non-imported videos.

3Speak, on the other hand, was lighter and ran the videos well. Not to mention, its search engine actually works.

Yet, some people still praised Dtube for some reason, so I thought there should be something worthy there. Today, I found out what it is.

I tried uploading through Dtube, but the uploading process is awfully slow, even with fast internet connection. One hour wasted and the video wasn’t even half-done through the uploading processes. But! You can skip all that by using an existent link. Truly, Dtube is a blessing for these YouTube users who want to double their earnings.

Don’t get excited, though. In my opinion, Dtube only works for those who import videos from YouTube. I tried uploading a video from my Facebook page, but surprise, surprise: there was an issue and it didn’t run on Dtube. The publication didn’t even show on my Steemit blog.

Annoyed, I tried 3Speak. The video was up in less than five minutes and it showed on my Steemit blog, with six tags of my choice plus three ones 3Speak uses to promote itself (and your videos). Unlike Dtube, that only allows you to use one tag.

While 3Speak doesn’t allow you to upload videos using links from other sites, it allows you to share your video through social media. It has also come to my understanding that people can upvote you, even if they aren’t owner of a 3Speak account.

It’s a subjective thing. If you’re a youtuber with a monetized channel and want to triplicate your revenue fast, go for Dtube.

If you’re a content creator who doesn’t own a YouTube channel, have a bad internet connection, or simply don’t like neither Dtube or YouTube, go for 3Speak.

In the end, it’s up to you. As for me, I’ve made up my mind and will go for 3Speak.

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