Crossing An International Border on Inflatable Kayak

Crossing An International Border On A Inflatable Kayak

On the beach by the border

I have crossed internacional borders many different ways. I have crossed by foot, by car, by train, by bus, by truck, by bicycle, by E-scooter, by ferry, by yacht, by plane, via tunnels and via bridges. But, I had never crossed on a small water craft before. 


I have wanted to enter Gibraltar from Spain on a Kayak for some time. I have previously sailed across the Strait of Gibraltar and I am fully aware that the waters can be changing for powered craft and even more challenging for underpowered craft. I am a risk taker but, I always take extra care at sea.


The seastate was perfect 👌 for my first attempt on entering Gibraltar from Spain. I inflated my Kayak a Sevylor Tahiti 2 + 1 by the border on playa de santa bárbara. I did not want to stay too close to the shore. Although the sea temperature is not that cold I decided to put on a wetsuit just in case I had to enter the water and swim back. I also wore a buoyancy aid while I was on the water.


I took some Identificacion with me just in case I was stopped by the authrities in Gibraltar. 

It took me about 15 minutes to make landfall in Gibraltar. I did get a few odd looks from Gibraltarians sat on the beach. The tide and currants around Gibraltar can be quite strong. I was going to go around to Catalan Bay but, decided to just go to Eastern Beach instead. 


I had a quick break then returned to Spain. Although since Brexit both the Spanish and Gibraltarians do check passports or have a quick look. I was not challenged. It was quite fun and when the conditions permit I intend to cross on my SUP. I also intend to venture further around Gibraltar.


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