DXB Pay Review || Ready to Join the revolutionary DXB Token

DXB Pay Review || Ready to Join the revolutionary DXB Token

By Saikot | Saikot's blog | 4 Aug 2021

Day by day, the crypto industry is upgrading. New fundamentals, plans are creating; in this new era of decentralized finance, we can find very few projects that have much potential to grow more with market cap and community-based. Here we are representing DXB,

DXB is a decentralized token focusing on developing a new smart blockchain ecosystem. DXB will utilize a cross-chain blockchain system to build a secure payment option through crypto-currency and aims for a transition resolution. DXB is developing a secure and sustainable payment gateway for both merchants and consumers by creating a large and unique ecosystem. 

DXB ecosystem will support all sizes of merchants who sell their products or services on the internet to allow crypto as a payment gateway. This DXB resolution will create a new blockchain technology that helps to control coins fluctuation (caused by crypto volatility). It will proffer new safety standards that can reduce the risks of price volatility. The management focuses on a new chain of services to offer an intelligent solution between consumers and vendors. 

DXB is a BSC20 token with a total supply of 500 Trillion supply. DxSale will be the host for a pre-sale campaign of DXB; additionally, the initial token liquidity pool of DXB will be locked under the Dxsale defilaunch certified liquidity locker, assuring safety for the community.




  • Community

DXB believes in community services, and they have fun doing it. 

  • Charity

They are building a particular section for charity. DXB wants to create a new door between the crypto industry and the world by providing a safer crypto chain system. The community will vote for charitable initiatives. A clear and ambitious plan declares that they are going to build 101 schools all over the world. DXB can only achieve these goals with the help of a large community.

  • Sustainability

DXB will bring a new secure payment gateway using crypto blockchain. Tokenomics of DXB is unique and safer that can give you a smooth user experience by using the platform. 



DXB Token follows a unique chain system and rewards system spread across two stages. 

  • Fee Distribution


  • Stage two


  • Cycle burn



DXB is designing a token that allows rewards to investors just for holding the token. The reward varies on the time of holding the token. For instance, the more time you hold the token, the more you will get a reward. Holders of the token are also rewarded for the progress of the DXB ecosystem through higher transaction volumes which will increase profits from transaction fees. 



DXP pay already published their whitepaper on their site. The whitepaper contains all the information about the DXP project. The business model, challenges, services all the essential project fundamentals are descript properly.


DXP has four stages of the roadmap. Currently, they are developing the stage 1 phase, which is focusing on 

  •  Safe & Fair launch of DXB Token
  • Initial token & LP burn
  • White Paper and Website Launch
  • Coingecko & CMC listing
  • Community growth
  • Social Media marketing campaigns

(I will write another dedicated article detailing the whitepaper and the roadmap).

DXB promised a long-term vision of developing a powerful blockchain ecosystem that remodels how we hold, invest, and trade.


For more info check the below links:
Website link: https://dxbpay.cc/
Whitepaper link: https://dxbpay.cc/global/whitepaper/
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/DXBPay-104010111894944/
Twitter link: https://twitter.com/DxbPay?s=09


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