Tarava: Here is Your Chance to Get in Early

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 21 Feb 2022

Would you like to get in on the ground level of what could be a major project for 2022? Read on.

I have been trading stocks for more than 15 years. I have learned a few things that I have been able to apply to the world of crypto and NFTs with success. There are so many crypto and NFT projects happening right now, to the new initiate, it can be quite overwhelming. 

I have learned to look for certain common traits when I invest in a stock, crypto, or an NFT. There are those who would disagree with me on one or two of these points. For example, there are a lot of day traders and quick flippers that are not interested in holding with patience or passive income. However, in my opinion, I think that it is wise to have at least a portion of your portfolio earning you money while you sleep.

Here are my “go to” investing strategies:

  1. Get in early.
  2. Buy low, and patiently hold.
  3. Find an asset that has a supportive community.
  4. Look for leadership that can be trusted.
  5. Earn interest or passive income.

I believe that I have found a new asset that I can check, “yes” on all five points. It is an NFT that is not available yet, but is in a community building phase. Therefore, it is still early. It is called Tarava. Before I review the investing points, let me explain just a bit about the story:

Tarava is a play on the term “avatar.” It is also an ancient religious term that relates to peace and tranquility.

The founder of the project told me, “Our NFTs are inspired by Avatar. It's the biggest movie ever done in 3D. We have similar aims to make Tarava the magnum opus of (3D) NFTs. In Hindi, 'Tarava' or the word 'Tharava' means 'calm, peace of mind, or equilibrium.'"

In the crypto and NFT worlds, we all know that peace and harmony are difficult to find. Therefore, this grabbed my attention right away. I also noticed that the conversations in the chats are very calm and lighthearted. Perhaps this is a reflection of the vision of the founder. If so, it may be just what the NFT space needs. They even have a "mental health" channel.

Getting in early in the NFT world is important. That is how you can buy low and afford to hold stress-free. I might be easy to say, “check” to my first two points with any decent new NFT project, but the other points are even more important if you want long-term success. The fact is, most new crypto or NFT projects fail. Therefore, you need to have other criteria on your radar.

Tarava is in the community building phase and growing at a relatively rapid, but healthy rate. There is no fake hype or anything disingenuous happening. I see people getting to know each other and learning about the project. Two administrators in this community have become personal friends of mine (from other projects) and are really decent people. The creator/developer is transparent. We have watched him in video AMA (ask me anything) sessions. The team is not hiding behind a veil of secrecy; there is no intention here of a rug-pull or anything of that sort. Therefore, in my book, I can check off numbers 3 and 4 on my list.

What about passive income? Tarava has both a “mindmap” as well as a “roadmap” posted on its server. This is where it gets even more interesting and is the point where I say, you NEED to get on the server and read these details. There is too much to put in a simple blog article, but the highlights include staking your NFTs for income (Ether will be airdropped to holders) and evolving/changing NFTs that will ultimately be customizable in the metaverse. There are also upward mobility options, especially for those who join soon.

Here is a link. If you have never joined a Discord server, you will be asked to make an account. It is a very simple process. Once you join and read about the roadmap, jump in the chat and say “hello.” I go by "ArtLynx" over there. I will be watching for you!


I have said very little about the art, but as an experienced artist, I can vouch for the originality and creativity of the artwork. You will not be disappointed. You should also know that female avatar NFTs are trending all over the metaverse. 

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This may end up being one of the best NFT projects of 2022. Don’t get left out!

The Lynx



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